Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ElunesGracePodcast#84 - Naxx - The Arachnid Quarter

  • Testing Ulduar coming soon. To see a sneak peak of Ulduar, click here.
  • Blizzard announces Blizz Con 4, coming August 21 & 22, 2009 in Anaheim, CA.
  • Registration for the Arena Tournament has begun.

Naxx - The Arachnid Quarter:


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ElunesGracePodcast #83 - Nexus & Love is in the Air


The Nexus - found in Coldarra, Borean Tundra.

  • Grand Magus Telestra
  • Ormorok the Tree-Shaper
  • Anomalus
  • Keristrasza
  • Commander Holurg for Alliane or Commander Stoutbeard for Horde - Heroic only

Congratz to Tireless for fully clearing Naxxramas.

Congratz to Fidelis Amicus for clearing the Arachnid Quarter and two bosses so far in the Plague Quarter.

Congratz to both guilds for clearing 25 man O.S. and Vault!!