Thursday, March 29, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast Episode #6 - Aldor vs Scryer


Aldor vs Scryer:

  • Before you choose your faction go to WowWikki, Wowinsider and World of Warcraft to see which faction best suits you.
  • If you change your mind it is not that bad to grind rep for the other faction.
  • Be sure to check out the reward and items you can craft from each side, this may assist you in your decision.

Aldor Turn in NPC:

Scyer Turn in NPC:

Noob Moment:

  • I thought I had to swim to Tanaris because there was no other way to get there.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast - Episode #5


  • Check out the armor sets now on the WOW website for Tier 4 and Tier 5!
  • For those of you hoping to score an exciting job in customer service for Blizzard, they are opening a facility in Austin, Tx that could eventually house around 500 employees, consisting of gaming support, quality control, and internal support staff. Go to WowInsider for the article and more information.
  • New keylogger threat has the following file name within the link: tonydanza.a11net and ends with .html.

Quest Spotlight:

  • A Job for an Intelligent Man: Pick it up from Foreman Biggums at Honor Hold. You get to kill 15 Holy Crap Worms!


  • Mount Hyjal's and Illidan's Gift (10,000 years before Warcraft I)

Noob Moment (taken from the forums):

  • I didn't know how to swim until level 30

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fidelus Amicus is born!

The core group Sal and I hang with are now our own guild! Fidelus Amicus is Latin for "Friends Eternal". We had a great time getting together to take this picture. We dueled, which I normally do not do. I was able to beat Hantros the Uber Mage 2 out of 3 times. Woot Woot! Great times with great friends is what WOW is all about.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Arrelia hits 65!

Arrelia - an awesome warrior dings 65 in Nagrand tonight!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Xena's Epic Mount

So I was questing with Carl tonight after Sal had to log off. I told him my gold situation on Xena and on Elly my priest. Being 65 with my priest I want to be sure the minute I hit 70 that I am able to purchase my flying mount - not an epic one mind you. My warrior is far from her regular epic mount. She has to buy that then have enough gold to buy a flying mount. (In order to purchase a flying mount the Journeyman Riding skill is required, which is over 500 gold).

Carl suggested I purchase Xena's epic mount now and share the gold between my characters. I usually do share a bit, but over 500 gold - that is a lot. As we were questing together, he had to keep stopping while I caught up - he has his epic Pally mount. So after he logged off, I thought more about it. He is right. I will make up the gold by farming and questing and grinding, so I decided to get Xena her mount. I chose the Swift Palomino. WOOT! I can't wait to show everyone. The minute I mount up I wonder who will notice first. Only one person I know was on and I told him, but requested he keep it to himself. =)

My Warrior Dings 63!!

WOOT!! Thank you Sal and Carl for helping me with questing tonight. Sal had to go, but then Carl and I continued to play until I hit 63!!! WOOT! Now I am in Zangarmarsh, where Elly my priest just finished, which is fine by me. Zangarmarsh is beautiful!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Helmet - I am not a Hunter or a Druid!

I got a new helmet as a quest reward. I think it makes me look like a Hunter or a Druid. I guess it isn't about style, it is for protection. =)
Oh well, I can live with it.

This picture was taken in Terokkar Forest facing the Allerian Stronghold.

Episode #4: Interview with a Pally

Sorry if the download time is a long one. Next week I'll try a different kbps rate.


  • Check out the world of warcraft website to see the new Hellfire Citadel Gameplay Trailer

  • A new book is coming out for you lore lovers!

  • Jinx is a great place to get WOW gear.

Interview with a Pally

  • Meet special guest Carlandes

A good Pally guide Carl recommends is
Ten Ton Hammer.

Carl earning his Pally epic mount

Quest Spotlight
  • Gaining Mirrens Trust

See the red drinking hat on my portrait in the upper left corner? This quest reward contains a potent beverage.

Oh.. that is me dinging 65!

Forum Trolling

  • Thorium veins will produce more ore (posted by Tseric)
  • There are other hot fixes to on the General Forums
COD Scam

  • If you receive an in game email saying a present is waiting for you from the Argent Dawn and there is a COD (Cash on Delivery) do NOT accept it! This is a scam! Blizzard never ever sends anything to people COD.

Noob Moment (from the forums)

  • I thought the only way to gain rested EXP was to type /sleep and leave my character logged into the game

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DING 64!!

WOOT 64!!! I love the light effect, it makes me feel special. =)

I spent around 20 gold to train, holy cow! I am glad that I get more gold when I sell stuff to the vendors, etc. I guess it all evens out. I just need to make sure I save, save, save for my flying mount.

I did decide to respec to Shadow to help with the leveling up. I didn't level up as Shadow from 1-60, so I am new to Shadow. I was Shadow for about a month for PVP purposes, which was fun. I loved silencing Mages, Warlocks and Priests. I was in Zangarmarsh the other night and in my Shadow form I blend in pretty well - can you see me?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Episode #3 - Save Sharpbeak!

  • 2007 Blizzard Worldwide Invitational Announced in Seoul, Korea
  • A new sales record for PC games! 3.5 Million Copies Sold in one month. Way to go Blizzard!!! Subscribers are now up to 8.5 million people!
  • 4 World of Warcraft Action Figures by DC Unlimited.
  • Warcraft Music rockin' San Francisco on Friday, March 9th. Scores are performed by a full orchestra and choir, accentuated by special videos and synthesized segments. The event also includes a pre-show festival, with prize giveaways and a costume contest. More information available at the Video Games Live website.
Quest Spotlight: Save Sharpbeak!
This is a 7 part quest series. It starts in the Hinterlands. Talk to Gryphon Master Talonaxe, in the cave behind the Alliance flight path to begin. This quest line brings you to Zul Farrak - so make sure you gather as many ZF quests as possible before entering this instance for more xp!

Ravyn freeing Sharpbeak

Here comes Mommy

Mommy and Daddy Sharpbeak come to see baby Sharpbeak and they live happily ever after!

Noob Moment (taken from WOW general forums)
  • I got a rogue to 42 and a mage to 30 before i realized stamina increased your HP

Events in WOW
  • Eye of the Storm double honor March 9 - 12

Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Image - U Like?

So I am hoping to have this as my podcast image, but I need to figure out how to get it in the feed. If it doesn't show up, bare with me as I am a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Thanks Qiana!

So on Saturday I was playing my Warrior who happens to be a Blacksmith. I am trying to level up my Blacksmithing now that I have entered the Dark Portal and it is proving to be very time consuming. I need core of earths, two, to make one pair of pants. So I told my friend Qiana about it and he said he would farm for them while I made my way to Silithus. He stayed with me until one dropped. WOOT!

He went off to quest while I stayed to farm. I was able to get 2 more after he left for a total of 3 and I already had 1. For two hours of work only being able to make two pairs of pants - hardly seems worth it. But like every profession, leveling it up can be a long drawn out process.

Thank you Qiana for the help and making farming fun!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast Episode #2

Upcoming 25 man raid instance The Black Temple
Want to learn more about the Lore and Illidan? Go to World of
Check out for information on The Armory now in beta

Quest Spotlight - It's ok, you can jump

Visit The Twin Colossals in Northern Feralas, on the road to Desolace, look left to find Marli Wishrunner. She will transport you on top of the mountain. Kalin Windflight will give you a parachute to jump off. Remember to take off your gear before trying this, otherwise you may have a really big repair bill if you are not successful. Good Luck!!

I did the big 'ole splat! Forgot to take off my gear and had over a 4 gold repair bill. =(
Live and Learn!

Noob Moment
In the Deep Run Tram, not knowing a train comes to get you. Finding this out as it roars over your head.

Events to remember:

  • Lunar Festival runs until March 8th
  • Double Honor in Arathi Basin, March 2-5th
  • Double Honor in Eye of the Storm, March 9 - 12th

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