Sunday, July 27, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #69 - Achievement - I Got the Power!

  • Frostmourne Fan Art Contest winner is announced - Gratz!
  • Armor Page has been updated on WOW website
Gheal and Elly talk Achievements which is coming in the Lich King expansion.

Congratz Fidelis Amicus and those that helped from Tireless on downing Magtheridon!! So sorry that I do not have a screen shot - I forgot. =(

And Gratz to Elly's Rogue for hitting 60 woot woot! =)

And she got her epic land mount too!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #68 - Flying Solo


  • 6th deck is out for the WOW TCG, The Hunt for Illidan!
  • Activision Blizzard is official
  • Worldwide Invitational Highlights videos
  • MLG is occuring this weekend, July 12-13. Click here for the live stream.
  • If you love arenas, you probably already know about, if not check them out.
  • If you like you may want to check out Remember it is in beta right now, so improvements are sure to come.

Gratz Fidelis Amicus on your guilds first kill of Gruul!!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #67 - Hex Lord Malacrass and Zul'jin

  • Wrath of the Lich King Opt-In for Beta.
  • Be aware of phishing scams trying to get your WOW account name and log in.

Zul'Aman continued ...

Fidelis Amicus First - downing of Halazzi the Lynx Boss - Gratz!!

Here is a shot of FA's first kill of the Eagle Boss

Picture of the Frost Lord Ahune