Friday, January 26, 2007

Elly and Sal

I thought a picture was in order, this is me Elly on the left. I am a Night Elf Priest (now level 61).
My sister is Salogel, a Night Elf Hunter
(now also level 61).

In this picture we were still in the 20s. It is weird because I think we even look younger than we do now.

We have experienced a lot of the game together, which has been very cool.

I'm dead, now what?

One night while playing from the hotel, my sister and I were playing in the Night Elf starting area. I believe it was around Teldrassil that poor Sal died. And her wisp was stuck. She somehow got to the edge of the map and was in an area of mountains where she could not find her way back to her body. So being new myself, I tried to guide her while looking at the map.

If you are outside of Darnassus by the flight path and bring up your map - you will see what I am talking about. She was along the west side of the map. She tried to talk to a game master, but wasn't sure how to do it - we were total noobs.

As she was talking to the GM (she figured it out), I decided to leave Darnassus and go by the flight path - then I could see the water. I was able to guide her. She was not too far from the dock it turns out, but before knowing that, she in wisp form, ran or floated all the way around the entire map until she came up from the shore. ARRGGGH! It was a very frustrating night at which we now remember with laughs and "I can't believe it" comments.

She had to follow me through the pink area that leads back into Darnassus and then we ran to her body - problem solved! It only took an hour to do this but we got the flight path, learned how to talk to the GM and completed a few quests before logging off, so it wasn't a total waste.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

How I began my adventures in Azeroth

Hello all! My name is Elly. I play a Level 60 Night Elf Priest in the World of Warcraft. But that is not how my adventures began.

As a contractor in the IT field, I have had various job opportunities. I happened to accept a position a few hours away from where I live so I stayed in a hotel during the week. Since I was in a small town and did not really have much to do after work, I was looking for something to pass the time. A co-worker of mine, also working out of town like me, told me about World of Warcraft. My first reponse was I don't pay to play games. I didn't like the idea of a monthly subscription fee after forking out $40 - $50 for the game.

But like I said, I was bored and needed something to do. So yes this small town had a target - no not a Grand or Super target, just the original size. I found a copy and installed it on my laptop.

My co-worker was an Orc so I decided to roll a Tauren Warrior. Holy cow!! I totally fell in love with the game and was hooked right away. I loved the Tauren. I thought they were the nicest looking race on the Horde side.

Every day I would have new questions for my co-worker and we even saw each other in game a few times - it was all very cool.

So I hit level 31 and decided to share my find with my sister. She and I years ago played D&D so I knew she would like it. She loved it and decided to get her own copy after playing a little bit of my Tauren. My sister did not like the Horde too much, she much preferred the Night Elves. She decided to play a male Hunter named Salogel and I chose a female Priest named Ellwyndara, Elly for short.

So I switched sides in order to play with family. But it's all good because the ride has been awesome!