Sunday, April 6, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #56 - Kalecgos take me away

Guild News:

Gratz eFight for downing Magtheridon!! Way to go Gheal!

FA and The Legacy down High King Mulgar! Woot woot!



Blodwin said...

Hiya, Great show this week. The art from the Molten Core console game comes from the trading card game. The pictures can be seen in the Molten Core Raid Deck or in the book "World of Warcraft: The Art of the Trading Card Game".

thesleepinglotus said...

The white hawkstrider is a drop off Kael'thas in Heroic Magisters Terrace. :)

Congrats on Mags!!!

Congrats on High King!!!


Gheal said...

This is Gheal. I thought I recognized the art, Zene my husband also plays the wow trading card game, thanks Blodwin. Thanks for the information about the Chocobo Thesleepinglotus, I might have to try for the white hawkstrider myself : D

Knerys said...

Yay to FA for downing HKM! It got frustrating at times, but we stuck it through and was rewarded. Glad I got to take part in the festivities!

Yay to EF for downing Mag!

Progress every week for everyone!

Brehm said...

Awesome show guys. Although the readership isn't insane, I did recommend the show on my blog today! Keep up the good work!

Elly said...

Thanks Brehm for the plug on your blog! That is very nice of you!! =)