Sunday, May 4, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #60 - Epic Land Mount Time!

  • SK-Gaming gets world's first kill on M'uru! Gratz!!
  • Children's week lasts until May 7, 2008. Go help an orphan today.
  • is selling 4 different T-Shirts for $5.00 each, visit their site soon as this deal lasts only two weeks.
  • New Blizzard on-line store. If you register, your name gets added to the Beta test lottery.
Level 60 used to be such a huge milestone. Gheal and I feel it still is even though they moved the level cap. To learn more about the mount questlines follow these links:
Paladin quest line
Warlock quest line

Fun screenshots: Magtheridon and his head on a stick in Hellfire Pennisula.



Aezop said...

Another great podcast!

For NS in Kara you can do a special trick if you have a Shaman with you. When he switches into banish mode, have the shammy drop a Searing Totem (the fire one that shoots intermittent fireballs) in the middle of the room. Then have everyone else run to one side of the room. The totem will hold agro, and its also immune to his AoE attack. It makes the fight super easy!


Knerys said...

Grats on lvl 60!