Sunday, June 1, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #63 - Badge/Gear Talk

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  • SK Gaming video is ready for your viewing pleasure. See how they killed Kil'Jaeden.
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  • Check out player stories. Theme of the month is the intersection of military life and World of Warcraft.
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Big gratz to Momo for finally getting your Sunfury bow of the Phoenix off of Prince!

We line up for badges at the chess event, how efficient!



Grimzley said...

Hiya Gheal and Elly!

Hey Elly a quick comment on 'Zerker stance... When I'm soloing or doing dailies or whatever, I'm in Battle stance almost exclusively. I like the rage generation from charge and the occasional overpowers that will pop up. Plus I can Execute on every fight and get that last 20% down in a flash. I find Berserker to be a very difficult to keep rage up in my current prot spec while soloing. so I charge, devastate spam, execute. every fight, rinse and repeat. It's not super fast, but it gets the job done.

Now in fights like Shade, I'm in Berserker all the way. Rage is never a problem in fights like that and the extra crit chance makes a difference. While dual wielding with Kara level weapons I sometimes get Execute crits in the neighborhood of 4k. Not to shabby for a prot warrior, I think.

Don't know if it helps, but there it is FWIW.

Nice show!


PS I'm starting a collection to get Ytt some Hearthstone lessons. :P

Anonymous said...


Just a few words on Cartographer and some other addons. Cartographer works great with Gatherer (at least as of Cart 2.X, I haven't used Cart 3 yet) and shows all of the nodes on both the full map and the minimap. Adding the Routes add on allows you to see all of the nodes and plot the most efficient route between them to make farming easier and faster. I highly recommend it having used them with both my miner and my herbalist for some time.

Regarding comparing gear, I use an add on called RatingsBuster which allows me to directly compare the stats from a new piece of gear with the gear that I currently have equipped. It can display many different stats depending your class and will show an aggregate change in stats in green (for stats that go up) or red (for stats that go down). No more wondering or doing "back of the envelope" calculations while deciding to need/greed/pass.

Wellmax L70 Priest Vice GM BlackLegion (Turalyon)
Zofran L70 Mage BlackLegion Turalyon
Fentanyl L70 Warlock BlackLegion Turalyon