Sunday, August 17, 2008

ElunesGracePocast #71 - Profession Talk and more


  • More BlizzCon tickets are going on sale, you may be able to participate in the lottery, so check out the site.
  • Blizzard and ATI announce a partnership.
  • BlizzCast #4 is out, check it out to learn more about profession changes in the Lich King.
The site I mentioned in the show that helps determine how much to down rank today is:

Congratz to Gheal on receiving the non-combat pets The Phoenix, and the Dragon!

It took Gheal 3 battlegound wins before she received her Dragon pet.

Gheal also got to help down Rage Winterchill the first boss in Mount Hyjal, along with two other bosses. Gratz!!

Elly won the drawing to get a Figure Print - woot woot! Stayed tuned for updates.


1 comment:

Xtian said...

Gratz on winning a FigurePrint ticket, Elly! :) Do you know which toon you will be printing? I assume Elly the priest, right?