Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #81 - Halls of Lightning


Halls of Lightning - 4 boss instance in Storm Peaks

  • General Bjarngrim
  • Volkhan
  • Ionar
  • Loken

Gratz to Tireless for downing Heigan the Unclean in Naxx!!


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Anonymous said...

Just listened to the latest show last night at work and wanted to pass a little info your way-

The dragon that one of you was ninja-invited to (sorry, I keep forgetting who's who!) was Sartharion, and the raid instance is called the Obsidian Sanctum. He's a black dragon, most likely a direct spawn of Deathwing, the black dragon Aspect. There's achievements for leaving any number of extra mini-bosses up, and with each extra drake there's an extra piece of loot. Sartharion with 3 drake up in 10-man is considered the hardest encounter in the game right now.

Sapphiron is the undead frost dragon in Naxx, the second to last boss. He has an achievement if you kill him with no one having over 100 frost resistance.

-Promethea, 80 Mage, Maelstrom US