Thursday, January 25, 2007

How I began my adventures in Azeroth

Hello all! My name is Elly. I play a Level 60 Night Elf Priest in the World of Warcraft. But that is not how my adventures began.

As a contractor in the IT field, I have had various job opportunities. I happened to accept a position a few hours away from where I live so I stayed in a hotel during the week. Since I was in a small town and did not really have much to do after work, I was looking for something to pass the time. A co-worker of mine, also working out of town like me, told me about World of Warcraft. My first reponse was I don't pay to play games. I didn't like the idea of a monthly subscription fee after forking out $40 - $50 for the game.

But like I said, I was bored and needed something to do. So yes this small town had a target - no not a Grand or Super target, just the original size. I found a copy and installed it on my laptop.

My co-worker was an Orc so I decided to roll a Tauren Warrior. Holy cow!! I totally fell in love with the game and was hooked right away. I loved the Tauren. I thought they were the nicest looking race on the Horde side.

Every day I would have new questions for my co-worker and we even saw each other in game a few times - it was all very cool.

So I hit level 31 and decided to share my find with my sister. She and I years ago played D&D so I knew she would like it. She loved it and decided to get her own copy after playing a little bit of my Tauren. My sister did not like the Horde too much, she much preferred the Night Elves. She decided to play a male Hunter named Salogel and I chose a female Priest named Ellwyndara, Elly for short.

So I switched sides in order to play with family. But it's all good because the ride has been awesome!

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