Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast# 38 - We love 2.3!


  • Check out the two new commercial spots on WOW.
  • Ravynn got some cool lewt on our first guild heroic Mech run!
  • Ellwynleah got her epic land mount

Ellywyndara was able to go to Zul'Aman twice so far, here are some shots:

The first boss: Nalorakk

Our victory photo after downing Nalorakk

The second boss: Akil'zon

Other shots of Zul'Aman:


Blodwin said...

You mentioned a collaboration between Blizzard and Dell. There have been a few of these in the past but one here in the EU is that Blizzard will be reviving their 'pro' Arena competitions at Dreamhack which is being held during the last weekend of November. How does Dell fit into this? Dell are one of the big sponsors of this (they get a front page mention). There is more info on the WoW EU front page. They have invited the top 8 3v3 teams that were due to playing the 'pro' championships before but some have turned it down. Some other EU teams will be going along instead.

It was pretty big news when the other pro gaming company went bust this year and a shame for Blizzard who I think have had their heart set on a 'pro' element of WoW that people can play competitively for big cash prizes.

I also think it's quite brave of them to do this at a time when the dollar isn't doing so well but then again I bet they are loving their EU players right now ;)

Sal said...

Thanks for the info Blodwin. I've heard that Blizzard would really like a presence on the pro-gaming circuit. It will be interesting to see if it takes off!

Blodwin said...

*ahem* WOW! go to MMO Champion and see what Dell and Blizzard are up to. Not much info yet but a heap of Warcraft wallpapers (mostly old art but still) branded with Dell's XPS line. Oooh shiny.