Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #36 - Mr. Pinchy

  • According to, patch 2.3 is slated to go live on Tuesday, Nov. 13th, with Arena Season 3 starting a week later on Tuesday, Nov. 20th.
  • Check out wow for the fishing screenshot contest!
  • Wow demographics discussed at here.
  • 3 new rare loot cards coming soon!
  • Storyboard contest at wow
  • Sal did indeed change her name and it took less than 30 minutes!

Mr. Pinchy:

  • A very rare catch from high level Outland fishing spots - Highland Mixed Schools
  • 3 charges with a 2 day cooldown
  • Possible outcomes of 3 wishes: Mighty Mr. Pinchy - guardian who assists in combat for 10 mins. Mr. Pinchy's Gift Box - 5 Super Health and Mana pots. Magical Crawdad box containing a Magical Crawdad. Mr. Pinchy Blessing's - Health increased by 500, acts as a flask, persists thru death. Summon Furious Mr. Pinchy - attacks you and your party.



Blodwin said...

Just listening to the latest show which is great as ever. However one correction for the engineers; the crashing thrashing robot is NOT a repair bot. It's a toy that engineers can make that fight each other. Currently only engineers can use them but in 2.3 others will be able to use them. As a toy they aren't going to be worth mega bucks but they will make fun presents.

Blodwin said...

Just another quick clarification on Druid flight form: You didn't seem very clear which riding skill druids need to begin the quest. The riding skill needed is only 150 or epic land mount skill. Druids can learn flight form at level 68, two levels before any other class can fly. That's one of the reasons the flight form is so cool.

Elly and Sal said...

Thanks for clearing up the repair both thing. As far as the epic druid flight form, are you saying you do NOT need the epic riding skill to start that quest chain for druids? Because that is what we were trying to say - that the epic riding skill is required prior to starting the epic druid quest line to earn the epic druid flight form.

Cuaxolotl said...

Swift Flight Form (epic flight form) requires 300 riding skill to start the quest.

Blodwin said...

Ah you want the swift (epic) one! Yes that does need the epic flight skill. I thought you meant the normal flight form.

Sal said...

Again - I say, I am not RIDING!!! GRRRR, oh well, back to the farm I go. Can't a druid get any love?! QQ


Cuaxolotl said...

You did get love, check it out.

Sal said...


Thanks Cuax =)

knerys said...

Love the banter on the name change, that was keeping me entertained. :)

And I hit 68, so time to get me attuned!