Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #41 - Don't hit me, I'm trying to heal!

  • If you are not purchasing the Wow/Dell laptop and want a figure print of your toon, check out Right now you can enter a drawing as they are not taking orders.
  • If you want a 2008 WOW calendar or desktop year of gear, check out Blizzard's on-line store.
  • Dell World of Warcraft Arena Invitational - check it out.
  • WOW learns Russian. This will be the eighth language the game will be available in around the world. Way to go Blizzard!!

More Arena Talk.

The Fest of Winter Veil - these bosses will drop seasonal hats Dec 25 - Jan 2:

  • Grand Warlock Nethekurse - Shattered Halls
  • Grandmaster Vorpil - Shadow Labs
  • Exarch Maladaar - Auchenai Crypts
  • Captain Skarloc - Durnholde Keep
  • Nethermancer Sepethrea - Mechanar
  • High Botanist Freywinn - Botanica

We hope to have exciting news about our first guild Kara run!!

We are still collecting wish list items, feel free to email us or post your wishes on our blog!



Strato said...
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Elly and Sal said...

Hi all, so I deleted an opinion earlier today and after further thought, the author had a great point - all opinions have a right to be heard, of course with the exception of those considered in poor taste, which this one is not.

From Strato-Bealgun:
"As long as my heal target is in my group"

... wow, that is amazing to hear. [Sarcasm] You are obviously a great healer and a value part of your team[/Sarcasm]

You guys never cease to amaze me, proof that people who do not understand the game can level to 70 have have a group of prople follow them.

I keep telling myself to save the pain and just read since that is basically all your podcast is, reading the website with stupid comments added in. But listening to you helps me realize that the useless people in the game that I deal with aren't all that bad.....

Cuaxolotl said...

This podcast, like most, are meant to be entertaining. If they were trying to be informative only they would read news items verbatim as they found them.

If you can't tell when someone is saying something to be funny don't hold it against Elly or Sal, it's your problem.

You also shouldn't hold it against Elly or Sal that you keep voluntarily listening to something you don't enjoy. Here's what I would do if I don't like a podcast: Stop listening.

If you have any actual criticism of the show beyond this childish rant I'm sure Elly and Sal would be happy to listen to it.

Sal said...

Well said, Cuax. Elly and I are always open to thoughtful, insightful opinions. I am sorry that the poster missed the humor in our discussion and I am not going to trot out either my nor Elly's "credentials" on how we got to 70. Our show is definitely about entertainment, we love the game and have a lot of fun with it, our intent is that is what is conveyed in the podcast. We have been very VERY lucky that many others who share our view of the game have joined us, which has increased our pleasure tenfold.

Again, I am sorry the humor went over your head, if you'd like, roll on Staghelm, join the guild and I will be happy to heal you, even if you're not in my group (see more humor).


Strato said...

Entertaining, yes I agree. I have all 40+ podcasts in my iPod and have listened to each one.

But it never ceases to amaze me how you too can really be good at certain aspects of the game, but so unlearned about some basic stuff.

I love the guild as well, but I will likely be leaving it soon. /hugz to you all as I go though :^)

Anonymous said...

Questions from a noob:

Server: Staghelm
Horde or Alliance?
Guild / Toon Names?

Sal said...

Strato, I would be very interested in specifics of what Elly and I can learn more on. I am always eager to learn more about the game and have never pretended to know it all. If you have some thoughts, I would love to hear them.

If you are already in our guild, I am saddened that you haven't identified yourself so we might be able to talk about this in game. If you feel the guild is no longer a fit, I can only wish you all the best.


Sal said...

Anonymous -

We are on Staghelm, Alliance.

You can contact, Salar, Ravynn, Ellwyndara or Ellwynxena.

Cheers! =)

Anonymous said...

Sal and Elly, Its not nice to pick on the best hunter in the game like that. I mean come on, she wears tennis shoes that don't even cover her toes. That must mean something right! On a real note, this guild is probably the best thing that happened for me in this game. Its fun and we are getting better as a team everyday. Thanks for that kick ass experience on the Kara run Thursday, cant wait till we go again.

- Your trap masster :-)

Sal said...

Big Huggz!!!

Knerys said...

It's exactly that kind of "innocence and noobish" comments that keep me coming back for more! Elly and Sal do a great job with the podcast, and I have NEVER seen any GM/RL more prepared for a raid as El. She had more pots then I had bag space.

And the team did a great job in Kara yesterday, considering it was the first time we all ran together, and half the raid hadn't run Kara much, if at all (especially with the bosses).

Go Amicus!

Elly and Sal said...

Thank you all for your comments. You can see now why I (Elly) originally deleted the comment – it is quite clear that Strato did not get the fact that Sal and I were totally joking about the whole healing outside of group thing. The humor was completely missed and that is why I deleted the comment because I didn’t want Strato to be embarrassed for missing such an obvious fact.

If Sal and I and those in our guild are bad healers or players for that matter, why are we asked weekly to help with ZA and Gruul’s Lair? It seems to me that if you group with someone who does not play their class well than you typically do not group with them again, perhaps you have had different experiences Strato.

If you are indeed in our guild and clearly are too afraid to reveal who you are, I do share Sal’s statement in that it is too bad that you don’t feel our guild is a good fit for you. However, this does not surprise me as we are not a good fit for everyone. So I share what Sal says and wish you luck in finding a guild that is more suitable to your knowledge and play style.

I am confused on your contradictory comments though, one statement you pretty much state how dumb we are and another comment says we are really entertaining and you love our guild, but will most likely leave. Hmmmmm.

Again, I wish you the best in finding a more suitable guild for you and by all means stop listening to the show if you do not like our noobish comments. As Sal said, we have fun with the game and do not take ourselves too seriously. We like to poke fun at ourselves and share our silly mistakes we have made throughout our history in the game.

To our guild: we rocked in Kara last night! We did better last night than I have in other guilds for a first time raid night. What does this mean, it means that we worked well together, we were well prepared and people did their assignments and were focused. These elements are very important to being successful. Knerys, your statement is much appreciated as far as how prepared I was to lead the raid, but it really was everyone in the run. Lots of people contributed to have pots and buff food, etc., ready and people were just “on”. I hope to continue this success as we begin a more regular raid schedule.


thesleepinglotus said...

I just want to toss my two cents in. I think it was obvious that you were joking, and I've just met you all. And I have to say that after running my own guild on Elune that I find my time on Staghelm with all of you a wonderful experience (not that my guild isn't) but it's nice to just be able to play without any of the stress of being GL. You guys are so friendly and sweet, not to mention helpful to each other. I look forward to growing up in the guild and getting to know you all better.

Joonces said...

As a regular listener it was VERY clear to me that you were joking. And as someone with siblings, it is even clearer that you like to regularly poke fun at each other.

You guys have one of my favorite podcasts. I listen because you're very relatable to me as a player...maybe not a raider or a hard-core gamer, but as someone who loves to play and is always trying to play better.

Keep up the good work!

Blodwin said...

First I would like to say that I love your show. Its a good way to catch up on things and hear other players opinions on the week's news stories. Regarding the comments, well you girls do sometimes come across as a bit noobish when talking about stuff but then you don't take yourselves too seriously so it doesn't really matter. I can see how some players wouldn't like this as an awful lot of gamers get deadly serious about the game and the mechanics and how to play your class. These are the kind of people who say L2Play and mean it. They are also the kind of people who I have no time for in game.

I enjoy the way your show is inclusive of all players because you don't profess to be 'professional WoW players'. It has an honesty about it that reassures me that I'm not the only one in the game who stuffs up from time to time. It's also evident from your tales of pre BC raiding that you aren't total noobs because a noob can't tank Kara. Admittedly the healing humour went over my head a bit, but then I am a healing noob. My Paladin alt is a tankadin but that's because we only have one tankadin in our guild and my main is one of 6 hunters and because I RP I don't see him as a hardcore raider anymore. I do 10 mans and that's it and I am having loots of fun in ZA right now and running Kara for badges for the extra ZA loot. We are about level with Kara, we know the fights and can survive them but its still no walk in the park.

Anyway keep up the good work and be yourselves. I for one am "glad I could join you" each week :P