Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #42 - Fidelis Navidad

  • New TV commercial for Wow
  • Winter Veil bosses mentioned in Show #41 that have the elf hats are available now through January 2nd.
  • Enjoy Winter Veil!
  • Blizzard looking for Holiday screenshots
First FA Guild run in Kara:

We down the Huntsmen on our first try

We took down Moroes on our second try

The Maiden went down after our first try, sorry no pic.

The Oz event - we beat on our second try

We took the Curator down on our first try, sorry no pic.

Thank you Guild for a wonderful and successful run!!



Ky said...

Grats on your successful kara run. I wanted to say I have enjoyed your podcast for awhile and I've been wondering if there was an email for the show. (it might be on the page, though I don't think I see it). I was wondering about contacting someone if you are still taking people for your guild. I was thinking of trying a pve server and if it went well moving my main over. Thanks and congrats again,

Sal said...


We are always welcoming people to the guild! We are on Staghelm and play alliance. You can contact Ravynn, Salar, Ellwyndara or Ellwynxena.

We also have an email it's elunesgracepodcast@gmail.com.

Hope to see you soon!

Grimzley said...

Hey guys. I'm stuck at work but am listening to your stories about Kara. Congrats on a great first run! If it's possible to be really happy/excited for you and totally jealous at the same time, then I'm so there.

Great show as always...

(And if you can somehow find a meeting stone or a 'lock and summon me from my office, I would really appreciate it. They don't seem to have a flight point here...)


Elly and Sal said...

Thanks Grim - can't wait until you can join us!! And Ky, I will put our email on the blog somewhere, and as Sal stated, I hope to see you soon!


MacGuinness said...

Elly needs to sing more. :)

Sal said...

Yes, Yes, Elly got all the singing genes in our family... =(

thesleepinglotus said...

I wish I could be on wow, leveling right now. -.- Unfortunately, I have a billion sites to get in before the 24th, but I've got your podcast keeping me company!

Congrats on the kara run! I can't wait to be all grown up to go with ya!

Thanks for making me laugh!

thesleepinglotus said...

I also have to add how did I end up in a guild where you all transpose songs into wow songs like I do? o.o

~ Cat

hehehehe. :D

Sal said...

It's all Elly - she's the master at lyrics (and a much better singer too!)

We're glad we can help in any little way ;).

Have a great Christmas!

Xtian said...

Hi ladies! I'm also just joining the game as well and really enjoy your shows already! I've been listening to them nonstop, and can't get enough. I'm already on another server might create an alt. if there are allowed into your guild! :)

Keep up the awesome work! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Sal said...

Xtian - if you haven't created an alt yet, you are more than welcome. Staghelm, Alliance, look for Ellwyndara, Ellwynxena, Ravynn or Salar.

We look forward to seeing you!