Sunday, March 9, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #52 - J/C and Alchy changes

  • Pen and paper roleplaying pioneer Gary Gygax died on Tuesday, March 4th. He has been attributed as the father of Pen and Paper roleplay gaming via the co-creation of the classic Dungeons & Dragons system alongside David Arneson.
  • Nucleus gallery hosting an exhibition showcasing Blizzard art work. You will be able to buy and bid in a silent auction. All proceeds will go to the charity Child's Play.
  • Worldwide Arena Battle happening today, March 9th!

2.4 Patch Notes:

  • Brillant Glass - new J/C recipe that will allow 3 of each of the "green" gems to be made into one rare "blue" gem.
  • 4 new Alchemist Stones
  • Mining book will drop in the new 25-man raid, The Sunwell Plateau. You will learn to make Hardened Khorium.
  • Fishing - check out El's Extreme Anglin' for fishing updates. You will be able to catch more Golden Darter!
Gheal's guild gets down Void Reaver! I got to tag along!!

Elly's alt with Carl's warlock alt, Kiki's Priest alt and Anax the Pally having fun questing.

Elly's Rogue hit 40 and she got her mount

Lore - thanks Sal!

Listen to the end of the show for raid audio - thanks Neo!



Kiki said...

Awesome show as always!

Yay! Lore segment, always one of my favorites.

I personally am way too lazy and have way too many alts to lvl up cooking and fishing. Kiki just does it all and sends stuff on. One of my favorite sites to use for looking up professions is

Look forward to next week

Kiki or if I'm on my priest, you are welcome to join Carl and call me Huey =D

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Alchemist Stone, yes, it replaces your Philosophers Stone and still allows you to do transmutes. What you missed when discussing this was the the increased 40% effectiveness when using health pots and mana pots. As a healing priest I have found this, along with the +15% to stats, to have made it quite worthwhile.

Level 70 Priest
Turalyon US

Knerys said...

Welcome back Sal. :) And sweet to hear some of our kara raid audio, I was cracking up!

Elly said...

Thanks for the info Wellmax on transmutes being available with an Alchemist's Stone even though it replaces the Philospher's Stone. I actually did mention the 40% thing, but probably brushed over it too quick. Apprciate your comment!!

Carter L. said...

Love the raid chat at the end :)

YAY FOR SAL! come back, we miss you!

Gheal, you're doing a fantastic job hosting alongside elly. I really love the dynamic of the "end-game" raider from a large guild and the more "casual" player from a small guild (FA FTW!).

Can't wait for the next show!


Anonymous said...

A great site for levelling professions and information about professions is

Anonymous said...

Another great site is one for fishing. I used this website to skill up fishing AND cooking in my level 70 hunter. I know Elly skills up fishing in her alts as they level, but maybe this could help Gheal.

Seaphus Level 70 Hunter
Steamwheedle Cartel US