Monday, March 24, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #54 - Rogue time


  • Tickets available now for the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitational
  • Arena Season 4 will NOT begin when patch 2.4 goes live
  • Fury of the Sunwell page is live on WOW.
  • Learn about the Iron Dwarf coming in the Lich King

Gheal's guild got the Bear Boss (Nalorakk) and the Eagle Boss (Akil'zon) down within the timer!! They also got the Dragonhawk Boss down (Jan'alai) and the Lynx Boss (Halazzi). AND got the Hex Lord Malacrass down to 27%!! Woot way to go eFight!!

Gheal got some lootz too! Woot Woot!!

Signet of Ancient Magics off of Akil'zon

Wub's Cursed Hexblade off of Jan'alai

Elly's guild stepped into Gruul's Lair with The Legacy. We were able to get 3 of the 4 adds that High King Mulgar has. Hope to report our first kill next week! Great job everybody!!

Lore time with Sal - hear about the Fury of the Sunwell



Grimzley said...

Hi Elly and Gheal! I'm only a few minutes into this week's show, but you mentioned the new Service Pack for Vista, and I wanted to let you all know how awesome it is!

When I first got my new machine, I had a ton of compatibility problems with peripherals and hardware. SP1 fixed all of that. My printer, which was acting weird before, now works like a charm. One of my USB drives, which didn't work at all with Vista (I know, weird right?), is now fine. And best of all, my Nostromo N52 controller is back in action! Woohoo!!

This thing was indespensible, and when I couldn't get it to work in Vista (even with the drivers posted by the manufacturer), I came so close to wiping the hard drive and installing XP. Since then, I've been hobbling along with some jury-rigged keybindings to try and emulate the Nostromo using the regular keyboard. It was a poor substitute at best.

But now, it works again! The Dark Age has passed, and I'm in WoW heaven! All you Kara bosses take notice: Your end is nigh!! Er, well, you know... 'till next week when you all respawn. Jerks.

Anyway, I definitely recommend that any and all Vista users install the Service Pack. It's almost enough to make you stop regretting that you ever "upgraded" from XP... Almost...

Anonymous said...

Elly and Gheal,

I'm so glad that you mentioned the link on WoW Insider. Ian Beckman is awesome. Though I have to say, the voice throughout the video was Kael'thas's. Ian Beckman does a series called Azerothian Super Villanis (search it on Youtube, you can also find the trailer he made AND the real blizzard trailer for the sunwell on there seeing how Gheal said she had problems viewing the real trailer). One of the characters on the show he does is actually Kael'thas, and the voice he uses is the same as the video you were talking about. If you watch Azerothian Super Villains, you will so get what I mean and the trailer will be even more funny because you get his jokes about the dolls and his bunny and such. Pretty much Kael'thas is portrayed as a total idiot.

And, I hate to correct you, so I will confirm that you were right, 5% on the last add in gruuls on Friday night. I hope that we will get in there this Friday and start the work on Gruul!

Also... wootie woot today is patch day!


Elly said...

Hiya Grim - glad the service pack is fixing stuff for ya, too bad they don't have Blizzard's integrity when releasing software.

Neo - Thanks for the info on the videos, I will have to check that out. Also, I think I will stick to ranges so I can be right no matter how far off I am. lol

thesleepinglotus said...
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thesleepinglotus said...

Well it'd help if actually typed something in here before trying to log in. *headdesk*

So I loved the lore segment, it was great to be going through Magister's Terrace last night, and to be able to fill my guildies in on the lore. It was nice to not have to go hunt down the information.

Loved the podcast as usual. You've left me wondering how you record the podcast, seeing as there were sound issues, and such. Are you all on Vent at the same time? Is there a program you use? I must go investigate, I like to know the techinical stuff.

Seeya in game,

Elly said...

Hiya Cat. About recording, we use Skype which is free to download. So if you have Skype and someone in a different state (or same state) or country has Skype - yeah free call!! I have software to record our skype conversation. The one thing I am looking into is having separate audio tracks recorded from Skype so I can adjust the sound levels per track. Right now I cannot do that, so that is why sometimes I may sound louder than Gheal and visa versa. So I am working on that to decrease future audio issues. Trying to make it the best quality possible. =)

Sal said...

Great show again, guys. Grats to E Fight on the ZA progress and to Gheal on the shiny new loot!

I can't wait to hear your take on the Sunwell stuff.