Thursday, April 26, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #10: Hitting 70 and an interview with Uber Mage Hantros

  • Arena Tournament Second Qualification Round begins! Checkout WOW for more info.

Sal and I both hit 70 last week! WOOT! Be sure to listen to the show at the end where we record Sal purchasing her flying mount.

Interview with Uber Mage Hantros!

  • Learn about a mage's role in instances.
  • Tips on how to spec if you are leveling up.
  • Ideas on professions that may be a good fit for mages.
  • What bugs a mage the most! No breaky sheepy!

Dragon Saute along the Blades Edge Mountains


Anonymous said...


first off I just wanted to say that I reeeeaally enjoy listening to your podcast. You two really stand out among all the other WoW shows in my opinion because your view on the game is fresh and you don't take yourself all that serious.. which is really great. ;)

I wanted to comment on the endgame aspect that Henton mentioned in the podcast, because I do not really agree with it.

The sad fact is that the endgame content is now even less available to the casual community than it was before. When you had 40 man raids you usually had about 25 core people and 15 others who were casually involved.

Now with the new content you almost can't do it casually. You really need all your people on top of their game. Yes, fewer people but they all need to know exactly what they're doing or you won't make it through the fights.

Just my two cents worth.

Destromath EU Server

Sal said...

Thanks for the kind ocmments, Llane. I think you bring up an interesting point. Elly and I have just started Kara attunement (not sure if you consider that end-game - I know I do at this point =D), so can't comment yet. It will be interesting to see what happens because grabbing 5 people has been no problem, but grabbing 10 who can work together and have the patience for the learning curve, could be a challenge.

It will be interesting to see and experience how it all pans out. Elly and I will keep you posted!