Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast Episode #8: Nagrand and Lore


  • Nathera has posted on the General forums some Profession changes. It is not a complete list, but check out the website to see how you may be affected.
  • Blizzard announces other content changes that will occur in Patch 2.1.0. Not only is the Black Temple coming - a new 25 man instance with Tier 6 armor, but Druids will be able to quest for their Epic flight form and much more. Go to WOW for more information on the upcoming patch.

Sal and I spent the day together questing throughout Nagrand. Below are some pictures. Check out her new Snake Trap - very cool!!

We also took a tour on a Netherdrake. Love the scenery!

The story continues in Sal's lore segment.
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Janessriel said...

You said it perfectly. And my druid's name too. Most people mess it up, especially Deiendriel.

Thanks for the mention and yet another entertaining show. I look forward to your shows and I listen to them as soon as they download. :D

Keep it up, your only competition for my ears is some baseball podcasts. ;)

Annai said...

Could you guys possibly post up some links to the music you mentioned (and use) in the 'cast. I'm particularly interested in the acoustic guitar music you used to "surround" the lore section in the latest show. Thanks!

Elly said...

I will be glad to post the music Sal and I use for the podcast - great idea. I am actally on my lunch hour so I will try to get to that this weekend.

Thanks for the comments!!