Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #9: Mana Tombs, Old Hillsbrad and level 69!


  • Can't wait for the upcoming content patch! There will be new flight paths, new darkmoon cards for trinkets and two new graveyards will be added to Blade's Edge Mountains.
  • Many flight paths will be adjusted to be shorter and faster. WOOT!
  • BlizzCon #2 is happening at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California August 3 and 4. Tickets will go on sale in the next few months at a price of $100.00 USD per person. As the event draws closer, further details will be announced. Go to the official BlizzCon website for more information.
Mana Tombs:
  • Located in Auchindoun (Bone Wastes, Terokkar Forest).
  • A 3 boss instance: Pandemonius, Tavarok and Nexus-Prince Shaffer
  • Crowd control is essential. You can also mine ore and pick herbs.

Old Hillsbrad:

  • Located in Tanaris in the Caverns of Time. You go back in history to rescue Thrall the Orc leader from Durnholde Keep.
  • Thrall runs not walks, so after each fight he keeps going. So drink or eat up fast as you need to keep moving.
  • 3 bosses: Lieutenant Drake, Captain Skarloc and Epoch Hunter (dragon)

Both instances take less than two hours - very nice!!

My human form flying on a dragon.

Sal's human form.

You get to ride a dragon to the starting point, right outside Durnholde Keep.

The crew pretends to fish with Nat Pagle in Old Hillsbrad.

The Last Boss in Old Hillsbrad, the Epoch Hunter.

Music used in the podcast can be found on

The intro and outro is from The Rantings of Eva - "Paperdolls".
We also use another song of theirs called "Infrared" both found under Alternative Rock.

The acoustic guitar used around the lore segments is from Josh Woodward, his song is titled
"Ill Be Right Behind You Josephine" also found on under the acoustic section.

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