Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #20 - Woot Level 20!!

  • In case you missed WOW Radio's talk with the 4 horseman you can get it here.
  • Armor Sets Tier 6 has been updated. Check out how you will look in this epic loot.
  • The Honor Rewards page now includes the epic veteran rewards, which are comprised of a wide variety of cloaks, belts, boots, bracers, rings, and necklaces. The Armory also compiles this new collection for easy reference.
Level 20 is a great level in that you get to learn cool new stuff depending on your class.
Hunter: Aspect of the Cheetah, Disengage, Freezing Trap, And resistances for your pet
Priest: Quest for you specific class ability, NE - Elune's Grace, BE - Consume Magice, Dwarf and Draeni - Fear Ward, Undead - Devouring Plague and for Human - Feedback.
Druid: Cat form, Claw, Prowl, Rip, Starfire and Rebirth (Battle rez).
Warrior: Cleave and Retaliation. There is a quest called Field of Giants, NW of Ratchet specific to the warrior, you get a nice shield as a reward.
Warlock: Demon armor, AOE Reign of Fire and Ritual of Summoning and Succubus quest.
Rogue: Rupture and pick up quest to learn poisons. Around level 24 you get a quest to learn Thistle Tea which restores your energy, so get your cooking to at least 60.
Shaman: Frost Shock, Frost brand weapon, Healing stream totem, Lesser healing wave and Ghost Wolf form.
Mage: Blink, AOE Blizzard, Evocation, Fire Ward and Mana Shield. You also learn Teleportation.
Paladin: Consecration, Exorcism, Flash of Light and via a quest Sense Undead.
Sal and I entered Karazhan. We got down the Huntsman and Midnight on our first try. Came close to downing Moroes, but it was not to be. Congratz Sal on your epic bracers!!!

Below are pics from our experience:

This is the room where Moroes is - the 2nd boss - he is to the right (not pictured).

The second and third night of Kara, Elly was able to return, Sal was not. We got Moroes down. One of the tanks got a nice tanking trinket and we DE'd the Pally boots as we didn't have any with us. Below is the Opera Event, where 1 of 3 encounters can occur (Red Riding Hood, Wizard of Oz and Romulo and Julianne). We got Oz as you can tell by the announcers introduction.

The audience.

We also tried the Maiden once


Joonces said...

Welcome back! Missed your podcast last week, but glad you're back with a new one. I listen to a bunch of WOW podcasts, but you guys are one of my favorites. Nice to hear from the girl gamers for a change!

Just wanted to clarify something you mentioned about Mages in the podcast. You do learn both Teleporting AND Portals from the Portal Trainer in each city. They are usually located somewhere nearby the Mage Trainer.

At 20 you get 3 cities, and at 30 you get the other major city. For example, the Alliance Mages get Stormwind, Exodar and Ironforge at 20, but Darnassus at 30.

For the group Portals, you'll get Stormwind, Exodar and Ironforge at 40 and Darnassus at 50.

Hope that clarifies things a little!


Sal said...

Thanks, Joonces, for clearing that up.

Elly - you silly little mage! =)

Anonymous said...

rats to both of you on experiencing Kara (I know Elly had been before)! My guild has been running it for a few months now and it's definitely a good way to gear up those purples! Plus there are some fun events like opera and chess.

P.s. Yes, I am a fan of Harry Potter - and how could you have not read the book yet, El! That's your homework for next week. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was Snape that posted the previous comment.

- Snape

TheloniousMac said...

I listen to almost every wow podcast out there. It helps to pass the time while doing something horribly boring like leveling a pet or daily quests, or whatever. Of all the wow podcasts I listen to, this is the only one that makes me smile from start to finish. You two are so funny and cute and have a way of presenting the arcane knowledge of WOW in a way that informs while preserving the absurdity of the whole thing. I really look forward to this every week.