Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PvP Hunters Unite (or at least help me out)

OK, I have been doing a bunch of battlegrounds lately and in many cases I do OK holding my own. Those cases being when I can hide in a bush and attack a holy priest, or I follow other BG members around and wait til the guy they are attacking is a half health then pile on.

So, the question is, if I am truly going to be all that I can be in PvP, what are some tricks that I need up my sleeve (or under my bracer)?

What has worked for you, or what do hunters do to you?

Any help in my quest to not be a complete cupcake in the battlegrounds would be much appreciated!


Annai said...

I was actually hoping you'd get some more response to this request, as I was looking for some info as well. I'm *not* a PVP'er, so I'm going to be of little help. Based on the distribution of total hunters in the game and the numbers from at least Arena teams, it seems like something not quite right with Hunters in PVP. In BGs, I used to be able to hold my own (pre-expansion), but never really topped the kills/damage lists. In Arenas, the few times that I've tried them, I've been pretty disappointed. I actually was topping the damage lists for my team, but I was either not providing enough additional support or wasn't doing something right, because my teams were getting murdered. We probably need to try it again now that our rating has fallen a bit and get matched up with more like-geared teams at this point of the season.

Sal said...

I have actually found I have had more success since speccing to BM, especially against clothies. I upped the stamina on my cat so his survivability in battles has helped me. One trick mentioned to be by a guildmate, was if someone closes in on you run right at him and wingclip then keep running, the wing clip and the turning he has to do should allow enough time for hopefully a concussive shot or scatter shot or maybe even a trap. I've tried this and have had some success - at least when I don't run straight into another horde!

Hopefully the thread will pick up more, and the more time I spend in battlegrounds, maybe I'll be able to observe other hunter tricks as well.

All in all, for pure PvP, I don't think hunter is the way to go.

Unfortunately, Sal's my first to 70 and I just can't send him to the old hunter's home just yet!