Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #21 - More Kara stories and Epics!

  • Check out WOW for the latest news.
  • The Hunstman downed again
  • The Animal Boss downed again
  • First try at the Maiden - learned lots
  • The Next night - we got Moroes down our first try
  • Moved onto the Maiden and we got her down
  • Opera Event - Romulo and Julianne - got them down to 40%
  • Making very nice progress!!
  • Congratz Sal on your epic Crossbow!!
The Huntsman and his horse Midnight

Sal's epic crossbow

Funny Shackle on the way to Maiden

Maiden is down!

Xena got her epic flying mount!!!


Anonymous said...

You can get a better quiver at honoured from the Kurenai Quatermaster in Nagrand:

There's an equivalent ammo pouch from the Consortium chaps in Netherstorm (


Annai said...

'Grats, ladies. I'm a little jealous of your quick progress in Kara. I've been listening for a long time and my guild was a bit ahead of you content-wise, but you've picked up the pace of late. :) We just downed Moroes for the first time this past Monday, but are still having a bit of a time with Maiden. This week for sure. (?) 'Grats again. I'm a hunter and that crossbow is a major upgrade over quest rewards and even boss drops from the 5-mans. Big DPS boost.

Annai said...

Guess I should have listened to the 'cast before posting my above comment. Two more things:

1. Elly - you might want to consider a "focus macro" for your shackle'ing. A focus target allows you to set a focus for things before (or during) a fight, and quickly return to that focused target, even if different than your current target. Have a look on WoWWiki or elsewhere. I'm sure there are a bunch of pre-made ones for shackling. I use one on my 'lock for Seduction.

2. Sal -- 'grats on going Beastmaster. Way fun. You should notice about a 20% drop in your DPS if you lose your pet (or a 20% contribution of your total from your pet). Well-geared, you will often top the damage meters in Kara. Get yourself a new scope, the arrows from Cenarion Refuge, and a few enchants. You will *NOT* want to use your pet if/when you get to the Maiden during your runs. Keep him/her behind you to allow you to use Beastial Wrath/The Beast Within. If you don't have many melee party members (less than 3) for that fight, you could try to keep your pet in, but it'll be a struggle to keep it alive and your party will probably not approve. She has a chaining attack like Venoxis in ZG.

Hope those tips helped!

Mowat said...

Hey Elly and Sal, couldn't remember your email adress.

Anyway, still actively listening to your show and I love it :) Great job!

I was wondering if there were any openings in your guild for new members. The guild I was in for a while decided to vanish, and most of my friends on my realm stopped playing. Eventually I want to transfer Mowat over (level 64 now 8D) but in the mean time I was thinking of rolling either a warlock or a shaman.

I would love to join your guild and help out as well as quest and leveling with people who love the game.

Email back if you could (

Again, Great show!

Mowat said...

I forgot to ask what your server/guild name is..I can't recall :-p

Sal said...


Elly may have responded, but just in case, you are more than welcome to join. We are on Staghelm and our guild name is Fidelus Amicus. Just whisper Ellyndara or Salogel!

Annai and Anonymous, funny timing on your posts, I had just looked that information up. I will be getting th quiver soon and will start to work harder on the rep grind for the arrows (not even honored yet... YUCK!)

Thanks for the comments!

Annai said...

Sal: One word... Steamvaults (or is that two... Steam Vaults)? :) It's pretty fast, there are 3 quick bosses for Cenarion rep, and when you down the last guy, you'll get two shots at more Beast Lord gear.

Sal said...

I hear ya, Annai. Unfortunately, that is my LEAST favorite instance. Oh well, no pain, no gain!

I did pick up the quiver though!