Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #23 - Game Etiquette

  • Check out WOW for Blizzcon details, what fun you will have if you are lucky enough to go!!
  • Petopia is a great place to look up for a hunter - check out the WOW spotlight this week.

Game Etiquette:

  • Perhaps wait to see if someone closer to the herb or ore may be there to pick it or mine it, you don't want to be called a ninja.
  • Whisper someone before inviting them to join your party or guild or sign a guild charter.
  • Use common sense - how do you want to be treated?


  • What are your thoughts around the World Series of Video Games that were showcased on CBS last Sunday? Post your opinions.



Anonymous said...

My feeling on the WSVG thing was semi-indifferent. I didn't have very high hopes for it as is and since I had such low expectations, it didn't really let me down. :)

The thing about it, WoW isn't really made to be watched. I know when other people watch me play, I have to slow down my camera so they can see and understand what I'm doing. In an arena setting, they aren't going to ease the camera because it's on TV, they want to win. So the speed of the game doesn't lend itself to TV, especially if you don't know what's happening.

Plus the classes they pick help a lot, because a bad makeup will make the team look bad, but that's something else. I've never been a huge fan of Arena, the game isn't really made for it (I think anyway, but that's another topic :P).

The class description thing didn't bother me too much, I don't really expect them to explain the intricaties of the classes in a quick tidbit. Average Joe doesn't know (or care) that locks are DoT-intenstive where mages are spell based.

All in all, I didn't really think it was that bad, but only because I didn't really expect it to be good. Videogames (not just WoW) still have a ways to go before they're "accepted". Granted, there's a big group of people playing and the Wii is bringing the Alpha Moms in, but again, Average Joe doesn't want or doesn't care much about videogames.

Until they are, there's always Tetris.

- Deiendriel (or I was anyway :D)

Cuaxolotl said...

The WSVG was interesting to watch for a little while, but it wouldn't be something I would make a point of watching again in it's current format. Things like this are created with the casual viewer in mind because they'll drive ratings. For those of us that was more game footage and in depth analysis we're probably not going to get it from a major network.

Great show guys, you had me cracking up :)

ToMiBoY said...

Hey I was wondering if you guys saw the NEW site just for the EXPANSION!! The Wrath of the Litch King!! I cant believe how fast it's already in development!! The graphics look stunning with the fire in the trailer video!!