Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #24 - New Expansion on the horizon

  • Northend is the new continent which will have more zones than Outland!
  • Two entry points to start leveling to help with the traffic.
  • Dalaran will be the major city.
  • New battleground where there will be siege weapons and destructable buildings
  • An outside PVP zone - you will be flagged for PVP no matter what type of server you are on
  • New Hero Class - The Death Knight
  • For more information - check out the Wrath of the Lich King website

What have we been up to:

  • Sal is battleground happy. She earned her purple boots and her cross faction War Stead.
  • Soon Sal will have more blues and purples than Elly!
  • Elly and Xena are taking a bit of a break. Leah is moving up - she hit level 49. I mean, how cute is she!



ToMiBoY said...

I would just like to say this was the best episode yet!! It was hilarious!! I really Laughed Out Loud a few times!! I think you guys are really adapting to podcasting and every show grows much better!! & I was really glad that you guys included fun stories like in that past episode with node mining and herb stories!! Definitely a good episode, my favorite so far.

Ps. They are including flying mounts but they are still debating and discussing when your going to be able to use them because they dont want you to fly over and ignore there new content!!

Pss. & the inscriptions is all about enhancing your spells. which will sure keep you a "wild card" and make specing not the only thing to single out class types!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why so many people having issues with Death Knights being "evil". The whole evil thing in the game is very subjective. For example you mentioned that DKs "raise the dead" as how you can't "fight for right" but you have Warlocks summoning Demons to "fight for right".

The Alliance side is just as "evil' as the Horde side it is just how you look at the lore. For example, is a Gnome Warlock more or less evil and capable for "fighting for right" than a Tauren Druid.

I kind of think the DK lore will be similar to the Forsaken's lore. Once corrupted but now enemies of the Lich King.