Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #26 - Rassamore shares his Raid Leading experience


  • Welcome back Sal - we missed you!
  • Armory Optimization: Phase One - check it out!
  • TCG gets an expansion of its own, The Fires of Outland. Will you get the rare loot card?

Need information on loot, quests or bosses? Rassamore recommends:

Those who were fortunate enough to attend BlizzCon received this Murloc Costume:

Elly gets her flying epic mount (thank you Oak)

How cool is it that I match!!



Anonymous said...

For some reason i can't get the download window to pop up to listen to the show.

Elly and Sal said...

Sorry you are having trouble. The only thing I can suggest is going to to see if you can play the show from there, or even go to where ElunesGracePodcast is hosted.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

but elly i never had this problem before *cry* i miss playing wow and no one on ts or vent really anymore.

Sal said...

I am so sorry I missed Rassamore - what a great interview! I can't wait till we have him again to talk down and dirty re: hunters. I think he did a great job and is a really fine ambassador for his guild.

Great job Elly!

ToMiBoY said...

Hey guys. Well I just wanted to mention why they are releasing the lich king so early is because they have been working on northrend since before the original release of WoW. They were originally going to include it in game but they knew it was too large at the time so they minimized the world.

Sal said...

I'm really torn - to be honest. I would love to see all the new stuff, but there is so much "old" stuff I still have to do. Funny how now BC is being called old stuff.

Anyway - as we often say, it's not going anywhere so slow and steady can still be a fun way to go!

ToMiBoY said...

agreed sal :)