Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #28 - Karazhan - Curator dies!!

  • As a WOW player you can receive 15% off season 10 of South Park on dvd
  • Fires of Outland TCG expansion has been released - will you get the rare spectral tiger mount?
  • Check out the Under Development page on WOW to see what Blizzard is releasing soon.

  • We were able to get down the Huntsmen, Moroes, Maiden, The Big Bad Wolf and The Curator!

Click on Grandma, she turns into the Big Bad Wolf.

The Curator

Xena got some great tanking boots on the Chess Event.


ToMiBoY said...

hey. about the mod you downloaded. instead of downloading a mod to keep focus. all you have to do is find your target before you engage to shackle and type focus while ur targeting them. and then you have to make a macro /cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead(Rank 3) and put it on your hotbar for shackling and then everytime u cast it. it will shackle the one you /focus'ed. so that will save you from using up memory on your mods and keep your targeting from being diverted. hope that helps :)

Blodwin said...

Just a couple of quickies :)

First when fighting Moroes you can rest it by running out of the dining room. If you kill him and run out it resets and the adds die.

Second the focus thing is part of the built in macros. Check out wow wiki for details. An example would be for a hunter who pulls using misdirect. You can set your focus to be the MT then make a macro that includes the focus function and will always misdirect to that tank. Its always handy for when you are trying to do two things at once.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Shadow priest for the win on the maidan fight mind blast and shadow word death for 5k+.

Cuaxolotl said...

The /focus command is a built in command that can be used in macros. I personally like the mod because it give you a target portrait that you can keep an eye on. It's useful if you're not using a timing method of casting (ie your heal heal shackle method). It's also very useful for other things. I like to use it on escort quests because you can focus the escort target and be able to keep an eye on his/her/it's health.

The macro that tomiboy uses works well, but on the line above that it would help to add the command #showtooltip Shackle Undead(Rank 3)

If you use that command make sure you select the question mark icon when you create the macro for it to work. What that does is it uses the same icon as Shackle and it gives the correct mouseover information for that spell.

Another way to set it up would be how I do my Seduce macro:

#showtooltip Shackle Undead(Rank 3)
/focus [modifier;shift] target
/cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead(Rank 3)
/focus [target=focus, dead]

What this macro will do is it will focus your target if you hold the shift key and use it. After that it works just like the previous macro. The last line just clears your focus when your current focus is dead.

Annai said...

I was heading here to give some pointers on /focus, but I see others have done an excellent job. Macros are your friend -- for almost all classes -- particularly in Kara. Here's on Sal might like:

/target Astral Flare
/cast Hunter's Mark
/cast Auto Shot

Put that on your bar for The Curator fight and spam away. You'll put a nice mark on the current flare target and your pet will be immediately chopmping on it. :)

snape/nerys said...

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much at all lately. Been busy with my other guild and work (in NY all this week with no access to WoW). When I get back I'll try to log and catch one of you online and provide some suggestions on moroes, et al.

By the way, another great podcast!

Sal said...

I'd love to hear any tips pertaining to hunters and Moroes. I think I'm doing ok, keeping a guy trapped, but maybe there's more I can do by way of dps.

I would think my mere presence would make Moroes flee in terror, but strangely, he doesn't =(.

Snape/Nerys said...

Obviously he didn't get the memo about the TPS (Terrified of Powerful Sal) reports...

Cuaxolotl said...

In light of your respec to restoration with Ravynn I thought you might find this interesting; if you haven't already read it.

Sal said...

You're right, Nerys, apparently the memo was lost in the mail...

Cuax - thanks for the link - that was excellent information! Lifebloom ftw!

Waisup (Farstriders Server) said...

I coppied to where is should be sorry (noob @ blogs) :)

Waisup (Farstriders) said...
This is Waisup a 70 shadow priest on Farstriders server. I enjoy your podcast. Just wanted to shair the macro I use for the Kara Moroes fight.

/clearfocus [modifier:shift]
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead

Just pick the target you are given. start a cast from out of range to set the focus (or just do it on the fly) if you pick the wrong target just hold shift and recast to clear the focus and set a new one. once set as long as you are in range. you will never have to worry about where your target is just click and reshackel.

I highly suggest you go where test this out like darkshire where there are some low level to test it on, untill you see you it works and can change your target without to much effort.

Good Luck in Kara, and love the show. Keep it up.


Waisup (Farstriders Server) said...

one note to what Cuaxoloti wrote.
this is a good one too. but it you leave out the (Rank 3) it will automatically use the highest rank spell.

the show tooltip is nice but i tend to run out of room on my macros so tend to leave that part out.

I have a problem with this one when i was trying to change targets on the fly so made the changes to add the /clearfoucs lines. they both will do the job.

will also work for Mind Control

#showtooltip Shackle Undead(Rank 3)
/focus [modifier;shift] target
/cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead(Rank 3)
/focus [target=focus, dead]

Annai said...

Sal: If at all possible, encourage your raid leader to have 2 priests for Moroes. :) With that setup, you kill one right off, trap the 2nd (and then kill), and shackle the last two adds for the remainder of the fight. Once your trap target is dead, go pretty hard DPS on Moroes. If you can time your Feign's just before the vanish, I *think* you can avoid the Garrote, too. If you have an abundance of Paladins, you can setup a fear rotation for one of the adds, too, or have them backup the Hunter. Keeping an add trapped for the whole fight is difficult if you don't have the shorter trap cooldown because you spend too much time getting range on the mob and not enough DPS'ing Moroes.

Elly and Sal said...

Thank you all for your awesome tips. I will practice the priest macro - I am a total noob when it comes to macros, so Plaguelands, here I come!!

Dr Easy said...

Just thought I'd add my twopence worth (British saying as I'm from the UK)

There is a useful addon out there called ccbreakwarner that gives you an audible warning when your crowd control spell ( in this case - Shackle) breaks. As you all know in the Moroes fight the Shackle can last as little as 5 secs before breaking so with this mod you get a warning and can then immediately re-shackle your focused target using the macros as mentioned above.

Good Luck

Sal said...

Love the hunter tip - thanks so much!!

Of course the guild was in Kara this weekend without me and one-shotted Moroes... Coincidence? hmmmmm