Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #30 - Ding!! Level 30

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Sal got her epic flying mount!! A picture to come soon! WHOO HOOO!!

Ding - we hit 30!! - Look what you can learn:

  • Druid - Tranquility and you get your travel form
  • Priest - Mind Control, Prayer of Healing, Divine Spirit and Shadow Protection
  • Hunter - Aspect of the Beast and Feign Death
  • Warrior - Intercept and Slam. Complete a quest to learn Berserker Stance
  • Paladin - Blessing of Sanctuary, Seal of Light and Divine Intervention
  • Mage - Teleport to Darnassus or Thunderbluff, Ice Armor and Blast Wave
  • Shaman - Astral Recall, Grounding Totem, Nature Resistance Totem, Reincarnation, Totemic Call and Wind Fury Weapon
  • Rogue - Kidney Shot, Hermorrhage and Disarm Trap
  • Warlock - Enslave Demon, Hellfire and Summon Felhunter


Anonymous said...

Deiendriel here! :D

Grats on 30. I just realized I've been listening to you two for almost 6 months now. Wow.

As you may assume, I've long since quit the game, despite my one appearance back that one night. That was a bit of a fluke that never materialized. So despite me wanting to play the game with you, the "magic" basically disappeared for me. Ah, well. At least the podcast is here, it's now the only WoW podcast I still listen to anymore. :)

Oh, and Arathi Basin starts at 20. The 20-29 bracket is the first one you can go into. I remember this because I used to spent a lot of time in AB with my rogue at the time. I also used to pop into WSG at 19, get 3 marks, level to 20, pop into AB, get 3 marks and then get the Scout's Tabard since that tabard is usually better looking than my other tabards.

And personally the 30-39 bracket is the most interesting PVP bracket. Mounts seem to muck strategies up.

Also, for shamans, Astral Recall literally is a second hearthstone. I'm not sure you can change it from where your hearth is set, but I could be wrong. And Totemic Recall gets rid of all the totems on the ground, giving them mana back as well. It's useful since stray totems are aggro hounds. I remember getting a mangy wolf come from nowhere attacking me because it ate my Earthbind Totem from the previous fight.

Anyway, much too long a post. Grats again on 30 and may you have many more to come! :D

Snape said...

FYI, when you enslave a demon, your pet will go away... unfortunately...

Sal said...

Thanks D and Snape!!

Anonymous said...

If you are a DPS warrior Slam is absolutely awesome. Do not dismiss it so hastely.

Elly and Sal said...

Thanks for the DPS warrior comment Drithan - I know it's you even though it says anonymous. =)

I am a noob when it comes to Slam, it is just something I have not used.

Drithan said...

this is Drithan i didn't not use the slam comment i refuse to use slam don't like warrior abilites with cast time.

Elly said...

Oh hey Drithan! Sorry I assumed the slam comment was from you.

drithan said...

np just done like being flasely accused for something i didn't do.