Monday, September 17, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #29 - Sal and PVP Arenas and A Talk with Renata

  • Check out WOW for Orgi'la information
  • Recent Blizzard interviews and TCG interviews


  • Sal talks about her arena adventures

Special Guest:

Raiding news - we downed the Big Bad Wolf and Curator and got the Shade to 48%!



Robot Chicken said...

Would it be possible if you could put up an RSS feed for the podcast? I can’t seem to find one. I recently moved from iTunes to Juice, which requires RSS feeds, and I can’t seem to find one on the site.

It would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Elly and Sal said...

I will work on getting the little icon in place for the RSS feed. Otherwise you can click on the title of the show or toward the botom of the post - the MP3 to get the show.

I will see what I can do this weekend. Thanks for your post!!


Blodwin said...

Great show as always. Great to hear Ren from World of Warcast too. I enjoy hearing about the other side of podcasting and gaming from podcasters that I listen to.

Mowat said...

Hey, Just thought I'd say that getting a forum would be really nice.

I love to use forums as a way to discuss WoW stuff, and there are tons of free ones out there. is one

Don't know if you guys have out any thought into it, but it would be great to be able to talk to guildies outside of the game (and blog comments :-p).

Let me know if I can help

Robot Chicken said...

Thanks for the response Elly. I'll manually download the episodes for now - can't wait to see if you can get an RSS feed up. Love the podcast, and thanks again.

Sal said...

Hmmmm, a forum isn't a bad idea - I think I'll look into it Mowat, thanks for the suggestion!