Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #35 - Netherwing Faction

  • Fan Kit
  • Paid Character Name changes - do you want to change your toon's name?
  • On-line Atlas
  • Continued Patch 2.3 info.

Earning your Netherwing Drake:

  • Wowwiki has a nice walkthrough for earning rep
  • To start the quest line look for Mordenai in the Netherwing Fields. The first quest is called Kindness.
  • To start the daily quests on Netherwing Ledge - you need your epic riding skill
  • After Illidan tells Overlord Mor'ghor that you are an imposter, Yarzill the Merc comes to the rescue and flies you to Shatt City.

Illidan Stormrage

Yarzill the Merc to the rescue, notice I still look like an Orc

After the ride to Shatt, Xena chose Zoya the veridian as her Netherdrake Mount.

Ravynn and Elly go to Gruul's Lair again - Got him down to 35%!


Kikanialei said...

Elly and Sal..soon to be Elly and ??? As per usual, another fantastic show!

Just wanted to say grats on Xena's new stylin' ride. That is so awesome!!

Have to say I always learn a new word or two on your show. Thought green was um...just green =)

So not only am I working, learning about WoW, and laughing with you as I listen to your show...I'm getting an outside of WoW education as well. Multi-tasking its the bestest!!

Sal said...

Hehe, green is NOT just green, oh the things you learn ;).

Hope we can keep you laughing!

John Foster said...

Another fantastic show!

~ Carlandes

Mowat said...

Another good show.

Don't worry sal, we'll just call you rocky :)

Sal said...


Knerys said...

Rocky is way better than Salar. :)

ToMiBoY said...

Hey guys. I wanted to tell ya that the dragon that swoops you up is the one from inside the ravager cave who made it the way it is and sabotaged the netherwing guys. since hes ethereal he swoops up through the ground and takes you away. cool huh!!

ps. i was wondering if you ever finished the races with all the netherwing guys?? the last two guys were definitely really hard!!

Sal said...

OK, Rocky better than Salar? That goes back to my original thought that anything is better than Sal... But, Sal I stay.

Rocky, better... honestly...


Sal said...

I have not yet done any of the nethwering quests past the first few. I still need Zuluhed the whacked,so I will let Elly address the racing one.

I think it sounds fun, though, perhaps I should get going on it!