Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #43 - Full Kara Clear!


  • Patch 2.3.2 is out, check WOW for the patch notes.

The following are screenshots from our Kara Clear, thank you Guild and Guests for an awesome run!!

Maiden (forgot screenshot on previous runs)

The Shade of Aran (yeah his body was gone when I remembered to take the shot)

The Prince is dead on our 2nd attempt - woot!


Our awesome healers for the clear: Carlandes, Cor and Naelum

Group shot after downing Nightbane. Notice Amalody on the left with his bow

off the Prince!

Netherspite downed on the first attempt. Very cool room.

With Kara cleared, Leah went to take some shots for fun:

Leah laying in Medivh's bed

Medivh's cambers

Slow fall FTW!

More to come on the guild story...



JS said...

Awesome job on the Kara clear and as always on the podcast.

Knerys said...

Welcome back, gals! Wish I was there for the full Kara clear, but glad to see how well the guild is doing!

Grimzley said...

Great podcast as always. The discussion about guild drama was especially interesting.

It sounds to me like this person had other things going on that contributed to his decision to leave. There was plenty of opportunity to get his Kara key, with lots of folks who would have been willing to help him get it. Whether it was Kara, heroics, or whatever. There are almost always people willing to go.

Plus, as you pointed out in the beginning of the podcast, there would always have been room for him in the raid. It wasn't a case of him being turned down because you had a full group.

Bottom line, I think you both were right on target with the things you said. In the game, as in real life, you need to take responsibility for your own happiness. I hope you don't feel too bad, Elly. The issues that led to his departure were his, not yours.

Sal said...




Elly said...

Thanks for the kind words and gratz Grim and all. I appreciate you guys soo much and feel very fortunate to be part of this guild. This has been a learning experience for me and though I will most likely make mistakes in the future, I hope not to make this same one again. =)


Blodwin said...

Guild management can be difficult and it's just as difficult with the inverse of your situation. I organised a trip to Kara for the guild I am in and I had about 18 people want to come. It's really hard to say no to some people. Even harder when your guild leader and his other half are in the raid. ;)

Well done on clearing the tower tho. I only did that for the first time this month even though my guild have only just cleared SSC and are working on Kael in TK. I have to say I was really lucky tonight. My Class Leader got me into TK to take part in the Void Reaver fight with the idea of gearing me up, and I got the T5 shoulders and some new leggings.

I like Kara for the badges and because it can be a fun place to just raid and enjoy yourselves without too much stress. I was listening to the Blizzcast today and apparently the 5 man heroic is going to have Kara level loot so that should be cool for guilds starting out. Especially if you guys find it hard filling a Kara raid.

Annai said...

'Grats on the Kara clear. You'll get that same sense of accomplishment -- maybe even more so -- if/when you're able to do it with *just* members of your guild.

As to the guild drama, remember that a LOT of people are not comfortable talking on things like TS/Vent. We have several members in our guild who either can't or won't -- under pain of torture -- speak on TS. Shyness. Privacy. There's lots of reasons.

Just make sure that your Vent doesn't become a replacement for /g chat, which *everyone* can participate in.

Elly said...

Gratz on Blodwin that is awesome on your shoulders!!! And yes Annai, vent does not and will not replace guild chat. Thanks for the input all!!


ToMiBoY said...

great return guys!! i love ur podcasts continually. i have to say. every time you bring up great topics of controversy like the times when you guys are in "coffee talk" mode. talking about rude moments in game or someone stealing your ancient lichen and you yelling at them. i find those moments are great and i feel like i need a microphone and jump right into the conversation. i really feel part of the podcasts. and you guys make world of warcraft like a 2nd home after all me giving it up while being in college. well hope u guys are well. always listening.