Sunday, February 17, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #49 - Managing Aggro is a Group Effort

  • Blizzard Invitational is being held in Paris this year.
  • To see new screenshots coming with Patch 2.4, check out

Managing Aggro:

  • Use your threat reducing abilities to decrease chance of pulling aggro
  • You may want to wait until the tank says it's okay to start dps'ing
  • If you get a crit you may want to hit esc to eliminate the chance of pulling aggro
  • Get Omen a mod that shows threat
  • Communicate!
  • When everyone manages aggro, a successful downing of a boss is more likely.

Guild Update:

Now Ravynn and I match!

Omen goes down!

Thanks to all who stuck it out to get the Prince down!



Nilum said...

Gratz to everyone on their awesome lootz.

Nilum said...
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Grimz said...

Hey all I know is that things were going smoothly before that Grimzley guy joined the raids. Ever since then it's been nothing but problems...

... o wait. That's me 8(

Great show, as always. Have fun on your vacation Elly! Drink a margarita or two (or six) for me.


Elly said...

Don't be silly Grim! I am very happy that you have joined us. I love having melee dps. There will always be times when people are "on" and when people are "off". The trick is to get most of them "on" most of the time. =)

Nilum said...

Hey Elly and Sal. I can't speak for Shammy healing, but Paladin healing threat is usually not much of a problem, since Paladin healing spells produce only half the threat of other class's. Also, while we Paladins don't have any threat reducing abilities, our bubble removes us from the threat table for its duration, however we still gain threat, we just can't pull aggro until the bubble is over.

Nilum said...
DPSers, use this as a guide.