Monday, February 25, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #50 - Gratz on 50!


  • Paid transfers and name change now only has a one month cooldown
  • A new faction revealed, the Tuskarr faction for the Lich King
  • Arena tournament coming soon. Continue to check for more info
  • Blizzard speaks out against gold sellers and power level services. See their statement and how it affects everyone in the game, not just you.
Level 50!!
  • Gratz on level 50! Only 8 more levels to go before you can begin Outland quests!
A big thanks to Sal for being such an awesome co-host! We will miss you!

Sal's epic mount

Ravynn helping to down the Oz event in Karazhan

Very talented Ravynn fighting on her mount.



Nilum said...

We'll miss you Sal! Good luck with everything!


Ky said...

Sal you have been one of my favorite people to party with / talk to since I've changed servers. I know we'll all miss ya. I hope everything goes well in what you want to accomplish and hurry back when you feel its best. Taryn had killer dots like no other. ;)

Cuaxolotl said...

I've summoned an Infernal with with Liz exactly once, and that was just to try it out since I hadn't used it since I got the spell. I'm not sure if there is a real use for it other than looking cool. I do know that people used to use it a lot for griefing pre-BC, they would summon it in a place like the Crossroads and when it got lose they would die and the Infernal would run amuck killing low level characters; I'm not sure if you can still do that.

We're all going to miss you Sal, it was a lot of fun playing with you. You should pop on vent every now and then just to say hi to everyone, I'm sure it would make everyone just a little bit happier.

Grimzley said...

Sal, you and Elly have really created something special, with both your podcast and the guild. Your podcast made the game seem fresh and fun again and inspired me to start a new character (Alliance, no less!) long after I had quit the game.

And the guild, well... It's by far the most fun guild I've ever been a part of, and you are a big part of the reason why. You will be sorely missed. Best wishes to you and your family, and I hope that whatever situation prompted this departure works out for the best.

We'll keep the light on for ya if and when you ever decide to come back. Best of luck, and we hope to see you again soon.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Sal! Hope to hear you again sometime.

Mary Beth said...

Oh man, Sal I'm so sorry to see you go. I agree with Cuax, I hope you get to make an appearence every once in a while, don't leave us completely! I'm sure Elly will be fine on her own, but there will definitely be a hole there :( You're back and forth was always enjoyable (made better by those laughs - i still maintain, best laughs ever!)

I hope everything works out well for you in your life and please do hurry back once all is stable.

Stay classy,

JS said...

Hope everything works out for the best for you Sal. We will miss you and your heals.

Elly, great job on the podcast this week. Really enjoyed the sound bytes.


Sal said...

OK - No fair making me get all teary!

And, Grim, glad you're leaving the light on, hopefully following a light is easier than "follow my dot' ;)

You all take care!!

ToMiBoY said...

Bye Sal! See you soon! *tear*

Anonymous said...

Damn! Sal was my favorite. :(

Annai said...

Best of luck, Sal. Not going to be the same on the airwaves without you. RL > WoW, though, and you should *definitely* take care of that aspect of life first. Here's hoping Elly finds a(nother) great co-host and continues on with the podcast. I've downloaded a lot of WoW podcasts to try out, but yours is one of the few that I've stuck with.

Kikanialei said...
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Kikanialei said...

Aww man! I hadn't gotten to hear the episode til now, so was shocked to find out about Sal "taking a break" from guild chat lastnight. Sal there will definatley be a void in the guild that only you can fill. Thank you for all you have done for us. I hope everything goes well for you.

Elly I just wanted to say you did an awesome job as always! I thank you for all the time and energy you spend providing us with an exceptional podcast each week. If you find a co-host or decide to fly solo..either way, I, as well as many others, will look forward to each new episode.

One of your many many fans,


thesleepinglotus said...

Aww Sal, I'm going to miss you! *hugs* Good luck getting RL taken care of. *roots RL* There you go - now you can really tackle it!

Yay! For 50 episodes!

~ Cat

thesleepinglotus said...

I really like to summon my infernal for the ogre five mans in blades edge, especially the last one the soulcaller where you have all those ogres spawning cause he just will run around and kill them in the face.

I've also (in a group where there were two locks) whipped out the infernal at the end of a boss fight after whatever pet I've had out previously is dead.

And I think it would be great to let one loose on those awful gold spammers in a major city. I do know they were used for griefing pre-bc. They do require an infernal stone to summon.


Leala Turkey said...

Grats on 50 shows and thank you for creating them for all of us to enjoy. You will be missed Sal and I wish you all the best.

Josh said...

Oh man :( I want to thank Elly and Sal for giving me company while I did the dishes every morning on the weekends. Your many laughs made scrubbing left over food off dishes all the more bareable. You will be missed Sal. Elly - keep on truckin' girl. I'll be here listenin' if you keep on poddin'. Or something like that.

Xtian said...

Wow, I guess I'm super late to the party, but like you Sal, my RL has taken over for me as well... and I've been away from fun & podcasts for a while. You will be missed, and I hope everything you need to take care of works out soon! Stay well!