Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #47 - Happy Lunar Festival!

I have edited this post to see if iTunes will pick up the show -

  • Lunar Festival starts today February 5 and runs until the 23rd
  • Patch 2.4 coming soon - portal coming soon to the Caverns of Time, the reputation requirement is not yet known. All 25 man raid bosses that drop Tier tokens, will drop an additional token.
  • Check out a new WOW database, looks like some areas are still under development.

Guild News:

  • Gratz Kytis on your Tier 4 helm!
  • Gratz Grim on level 70!!



Cuaxolotl said...

Is Omen the NPC also invisible to mages?

Blodwin said...

Is the episode up on iTunes? I use the UK iTunes adn it hasn't downloaded :/

Elly said...

Hiya Blodwin and others...

I am not sure why the show is not appearing on iTunes. I know that the feed is active and working. This happened a very long time ago, about 6 months ago, where it seemed that iTunes was not looking for the latest episodes to "catch". I am not sure what I can do on my end. You can listen to the show on your computer by clicking on the title of the show, but I know that is not ideal (it's not for me either). If there are people who have ideas on what I can do feel free to suggest something. Otherwise, I think we will just have to wait. Sorry I don't have something more to offer at this point.


Cuaxolotl said...

Also you might want to go into iTunes Music Store and manually search for the new episode, I sometimes have problems with my podcasts not downloading automatically.

Elly said...

Yeah, I have tried that Cuax and it still does not show up. I looked on the support section of iTunes and saw some entries of other people not finding their podcasts. As I said before, I don't believe I can do anything, the feed is working, iTunes is just not updating. =(

Coolcloud said...

If you are using IE, just right click on the link here on the site, and select "Save Target As". This saves your file on your computer. Open iTunes and play or transfer to iPod.

Blodwin said...

Heya, the podcast showed up on iTunes this lunchtime (UK time) Sat 9th Feb.

Elly said...

Yeah!!! I just checked myself. I had to manually look for the show, but at least it is on iTunes. Thanks for your patience everyone!!

themacmedic said...

Interesting, wowdb.com looks remarkably similar to wowhead.com right up to the predictive entry. I'm hoping that it will quickly develop a base of comments to rival wowhead. I would love to switch as I hate using sites owned by companies that (allegedly) support goldfarming.

thesleepinglotus said...

Hey Sal,

This is the frog pet from ZA I was talking about earlier. :)


I'm so glad to be back, and still loving the show!