Sunday, July 13, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #68 - Flying Solo


  • 6th deck is out for the WOW TCG, The Hunt for Illidan!
  • Activision Blizzard is official
  • Worldwide Invitational Highlights videos
  • MLG is occuring this weekend, July 12-13. Click here for the live stream.
  • If you love arenas, you probably already know about, if not check them out.
  • If you like you may want to check out Remember it is in beta right now, so improvements are sure to come.

Gratz Fidelis Amicus on your guilds first kill of Gruul!!



Carter L. (Momo) said...

I really like wow-heroes, a litte more stable and interactive than

also, half our guild missed on the photo lol

Blodwin said...

I was amused about what you said about vent. As UK player on European servers vent has never been as common as it seems to be in the US. My guild on Moonglade EU are currently getting to the End of Black Temple and have never used vent for raiding.

For Magtheridon you do need to click all 5 cubes but one person can do the same cube each time. It's a good idea to nominate a backup if a cube clicker dies but it's fairly easy.

Grats on Gruul. Even though my guild is pretty far in the raid progression I am still running people and alts through Kara each week. Even people who are regular raiders get a real buzz out of tanking of healing for the first time in a raid environment.

Anonymous said...

You still need to click the cubes on Mags, but you no longer need 2 sets of clickers as the debuff does not last as long as the interval between clicks anymore.

Elly said...

Thanks for the cube information!! Appreciate it everyone. And Blodwin, gratz on being in Black Temple, I can't wait to see it myself. =)

Val said...

Hi there!

I just signed up to your podcast after finding you on Twitter.

I laughed out loud when you mentioned the Wonder Twins! Most of my friends are either too young or too old to remember that cartoon, and thought I was a Loon when I'd do the whole "wonder twin power" thing.

Shape of - a ... gnome?

Great podcast, I'm downloading all the history that are on iTunes and will listen to them on my MP3 player when I can't be at the computer :)

WoWGrrl's player blog

Val said...

Thorium mining:

I find that in the Blasted Lands there's a mine (netherguarde mine) where not many people go. The mobs are low 50s and mining so they face away from anyone wandering through pretty much.

I do a loop through there and it takes about 15 mintues, then I log out and go do something else on another toon, then come back and do another loop.

Because of the lack of competition, there's always gold, mithril and small thorium veins up, and if you're interested in getting the Netherdrake, the mine is EXACTLY the same mine as on Netherwing Ledge, so it's good to learn ;)

WoWGrrl player blog

Knerys said...

Nice, i like how you admit having a deck for the card game but yet have never played it before. :)

I've been busy on my main on Boulderfist and with RL stuff, so miss you guys!

Aezop said...

I giggled a little when you said "high putting dps." For a second I thought about what high pudding would be =P

Thera said...

hope G is ok, im waiting on a new podcast from ya guys, cant wait...

Dave / Thera
From the Sacred Podcast