Sunday, July 27, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #69 - Achievement - I Got the Power!

  • Frostmourne Fan Art Contest winner is announced - Gratz!
  • Armor Page has been updated on WOW website
Gheal and Elly talk Achievements which is coming in the Lich King expansion.

Congratz Fidelis Amicus and those that helped from Tireless on downing Magtheridon!! So sorry that I do not have a screen shot - I forgot. =(

And Gratz to Elly's Rogue for hitting 60 woot woot! =)

And she got her epic land mount too!


Khaled said...

welcome back , another good episode.

Dungeon 3 is the level 70 blue set from the instances

Grimzley said...

Really good episode. nice discussion.

As for the achievement announcements, I think it will be along the lines of when someone makes an alchemy discovery. If you're within a few yards of them you see it, but more than that it won't show up. I'm guessing that's the way it will work for achievements. Just, you know, steer clear of the barber shop for the first few days. That will be spam central. :)

Grimzley said...

Oh one more thing...

Your brief talk about gearing up new players and some of the expectations they have was very interesting, and I wish you had expanded on it more. It might make for a good episode all by itself.

I never raided pre-BC, but I ran UBRS/Scholo/Strat/etc.. enough times to get my dungeon 0 set that I know what it's like to not see my gear drop for weeks on end. I think there are a lot of factors going on regarding gear and progression that are a major change from the old-world, and even from when BC first came out.

For starters, I think Badges of Justice have definitely changed the landscape quite a lot. Good in some ways, but maybe not so good in others. It's great for people who can't raid and only run heroics, but when a couple runs through kara can net you a Black Temple/Sunwell level item, it's got to have an effect on people's expectations.

That's just one of many things that are part of the discussion. It would make for a good podcast, I think. Love to hear your opinions. :)

Aezop said...

Grats on 60 mini Rogue! I'm glad to see that you could use the armor that I made for you =D

dave Mill said...

Glad to have BOTH of you Back WOOT WOOT!

Carter L. (Momo) said...

Great show as always.

I'll have to agree with grim about the badge loot changing expectations, but I still feel that some people do think they can get geared faster than they realistically will. Especially in progression raids.

I never raided PRE BC but I've heard horor stories of people waiting months and months just to get out DKPed on an item. Although I've only been seriously raiding for about 6 months, I can already see how that gets fustrating.

When someone comes in for 1 month of raiding, gets 3/5 tier pieces, and still complains, it gets annoying.

I guess that's the good and bad of raiding though, as much progression as you can make it's still slow.

At least LK will introduce 10/25 mans of the same content, giving an opprotunity for gearing based on guild size and frequncey.