Sunday, July 6, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #67 - Hex Lord Malacrass and Zul'jin

  • Wrath of the Lich King Opt-In for Beta.
  • Be aware of phishing scams trying to get your WOW account name and log in.

Zul'Aman continued ...

Fidelis Amicus First - downing of Halazzi the Lynx Boss - Gratz!!

Here is a shot of FA's first kill of the Eagle Boss

Picture of the Frost Lord Ahune



Blodwin said...

Hiya, great show again. Sorry to hear about Gheal's guild hassles. Regarding passwords some trojans / viruses / keyloggers can read what you copy paste so that isn't a sure defence against hacking. Good luck getting an authenticator. I got mine at the WWI and it works great. It lives on the CD rack beside my computer. It's on my lanyard that I got at the WWI which is hooked over a spike at the top of my CD player.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elly & Gheal,

Just started checking out your podcasts to fill the gaps between TwistedNether's, and I am loving them.

I think in this podcast you were talking about your Mages and the merits of +SpellHit over +Damage and Crit etc.

One thought occurred to me... are your Mages tackling Raid bosses, or just Instance bosses because there is a big gap in the +Spell hit requirements between them.

For Raid bosses, which are level 73 - three levels higher than our current max, you need (a total of) 202 Spell Hit rating (16%).

However, Instance bosses are only level 72 (Normal or Heroic) you only need 63 Spell Hit Rating (5%).

And there are other factors that come into play such as talent specs etc.
eg: Fire & Frost Mages only need 26/164 Spell Hit rating if they have Elemental Precision.
In fact Frost spells require even less as there is a bonus 3% "ghost spell hit" if you have Elemental Precision.

You can check out more here:, or here:

Now, will you notice the lack of Spell Hit?... maybe maybe not...
As Clint Eastwood would say "Do you feel lucky punk?"

Most of the time a missed spell is insignificant, sure you might do a little less damage, the mob/boss takes longer to take down etc. But whatever.

However, if you were waiting for the last moment to refresh your Scorch stack, and you miss... Mmmm all that extra damage gone, and the dilemna of whether to cast 5 scorches to Stack it back up.
Need to Polymorph, Counterspell or (in the case of HKM) Spellsteal?
Well if you NEED to, you need to make sure your Spell Hit is up to scratch for the mob you are fighting.

What do you do?
Build 2 sets of gear:
1) The Uber I can't believe how much Spell Damage/Spell Crit I have - for trash and normal instances set.
2) The I will sacrifice 50 +Spell Damage for the boss to make sure I am Hit Capped set.

There will be little difference between the sets, maybe 2-3 items, but if it means the difference between a 1% wipe and a boss kill, it's worth the bag space.