Wednesday, February 7, 2007


So before I share my end game experience I would like to talk about the friends I have met in WOW. How awesome is it that you can log into a game and encounter real people from all over the world! As Sal and I got more involved with the guild we were in, we got to know some core people that we had the most in common. We are all around the same age; we are all working people with careers and play close to the same amount of time each week.

In pic above - left to right: Hantros, now a 63 Mage; Carlandes a 63 Paladin. I love talking with him on Vent or TS in order to get him to laugh. He has a great laugh! That's me in the middle. Arrelia and Rajnook are married and they are a 60+ Warrior and 60+ Warlock.

Our core friends have grown, which has been great! Bombera, a 60 Mage loves to PVP (On the far left in the pic below). He is in the battlegrounds a lot.

I have a level 60 Warrior alt that spent some time with Bomb in Alterac Valley recently– it was really awesome! Man is he a good player! Bomb has his main on the Horde side and his 60+ Shaman is on a PVP server. So when the Burning Crusade came out, everyone wanted to play a Blood Elf. So I recommended a PVP server as something new to try. Not sure if everyone was thrilled with the idea, but we said if we didn’t like it, we could always transfer off. So far it has been good. One day though, I was ganked by Alliance 60+ people, as I am sure it is a HUGE challenge to kill a level 20 opponent when you are level 60 or higher. So now that I am playing Horde on a more regular basis, I can’t really say the Alliance is the “good” side.

I play WOW because of the content, the challenge, the lore, the excitement of working together to defeat a common foe. WOW is a truly amazing game because it has something for everyone.

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