Saturday, February 24, 2007

ElunesgracePodcast Episode #1

My first ever podcast for the World of Warcraft!!

What is going on right now:
  • Lunar Festival - Feb. 16 - March 8
  • Arena Tournament - began Feb 16. Initial phase of the tournament will last from Feb. 16 to April 15 in North America and Europe and March 3 to April 15 in Korea.
  • Go to for more information

Forum Trolling

  • Not all healers are stuck up or jerks
  • If you are not the main tank, do not get upset that you are not getting the priority heals

Quest Spotlight

  • The Bombing Run in Hellfire Penisula - Expedition Point

You Know You Are a Noob when:

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Anonymous said...

Great job! Good info, short, sweet and to the point.

wowcast said...

Yeah! Elly!
Are you sure you haven't been doing this for a few years? You sound amazingly poised and articulate!

I love that you know you're WoW lore history. I hope I get to learn more about it from ya!

Elly said...

Wow thanks Alachia (Wowcast) I truly appreciate your comments!! It means a lot coming from you.

Thank you Anonymous! I will try to stick to the point.