Friday, March 16, 2007

Xena's Epic Mount

So I was questing with Carl tonight after Sal had to log off. I told him my gold situation on Xena and on Elly my priest. Being 65 with my priest I want to be sure the minute I hit 70 that I am able to purchase my flying mount - not an epic one mind you. My warrior is far from her regular epic mount. She has to buy that then have enough gold to buy a flying mount. (In order to purchase a flying mount the Journeyman Riding skill is required, which is over 500 gold).

Carl suggested I purchase Xena's epic mount now and share the gold between my characters. I usually do share a bit, but over 500 gold - that is a lot. As we were questing together, he had to keep stopping while I caught up - he has his epic Pally mount. So after he logged off, I thought more about it. He is right. I will make up the gold by farming and questing and grinding, so I decided to get Xena her mount. I chose the Swift Palomino. WOOT! I can't wait to show everyone. The minute I mount up I wonder who will notice first. Only one person I know was on and I told him, but requested he keep it to himself. =)

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