Monday, March 5, 2007

Thanks Qiana!

So on Saturday I was playing my Warrior who happens to be a Blacksmith. I am trying to level up my Blacksmithing now that I have entered the Dark Portal and it is proving to be very time consuming. I need core of earths, two, to make one pair of pants. So I told my friend Qiana about it and he said he would farm for them while I made my way to Silithus. He stayed with me until one dropped. WOOT!

He went off to quest while I stayed to farm. I was able to get 2 more after he left for a total of 3 and I already had 1. For two hours of work only being able to make two pairs of pants - hardly seems worth it. But like every profession, leveling it up can be a long drawn out process.

Thank you Qiana for the help and making farming fun!


Qiana said...

Hey Elly. Not a problem i was happy to help ya. Sorry we couldnt get more. I hope you got more to lvl ur skill. TTYL

PS. loved your podcasts

Anonymous said...

why did you only say happy easter? please say happy passover.

Elly said...

Hello anonymous, though I would like to know your name, you make a good point at remembering other religions and their traditions.

Thanks for your comment!