Thursday, March 15, 2007

Episode #4: Interview with a Pally

Sorry if the download time is a long one. Next week I'll try a different kbps rate.


  • Check out the world of warcraft website to see the new Hellfire Citadel Gameplay Trailer

  • A new book is coming out for you lore lovers!

  • Jinx is a great place to get WOW gear.

Interview with a Pally

  • Meet special guest Carlandes

A good Pally guide Carl recommends is
Ten Ton Hammer.

Carl earning his Pally epic mount

Quest Spotlight
  • Gaining Mirrens Trust

See the red drinking hat on my portrait in the upper left corner? This quest reward contains a potent beverage.

Oh.. that is me dinging 65!

Forum Trolling

  • Thorium veins will produce more ore (posted by Tseric)
  • There are other hot fixes to on the General Forums
COD Scam

  • If you receive an in game email saying a present is waiting for you from the Argent Dawn and there is a COD (Cash on Delivery) do NOT accept it! This is a scam! Blizzard never ever sends anything to people COD.

Noob Moment (from the forums)

  • I thought the only way to gain rested EXP was to type /sleep and leave my character logged into the game

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