Saturday, March 3, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast Episode #2

Upcoming 25 man raid instance The Black Temple
Want to learn more about the Lore and Illidan? Go to World of
Check out for information on The Armory now in beta

Quest Spotlight - It's ok, you can jump

Visit The Twin Colossals in Northern Feralas, on the road to Desolace, look left to find Marli Wishrunner. She will transport you on top of the mountain. Kalin Windflight will give you a parachute to jump off. Remember to take off your gear before trying this, otherwise you may have a really big repair bill if you are not successful. Good Luck!!

I did the big 'ole splat! Forgot to take off my gear and had over a 4 gold repair bill. =(
Live and Learn!

Noob Moment
In the Deep Run Tram, not knowing a train comes to get you. Finding this out as it roars over your head.

Events to remember:

  • Lunar Festival runs until March 8th
  • Double Honor in Arathi Basin, March 2-5th
  • Double Honor in Eye of the Storm, March 9 - 12th

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