Wednesday, May 9, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #12 - A Talk with very Special Guest Alachia, from Wowcast podcast

  • A Blizzard Visa card! Check out WOW for contract information.
  • Tuesday, May 15th at 3:00 PDT in the #StraticsHoC channel. Players will be able to submit questions ahead of time for WOW Leade Designers Tom Chilton and Jeffrey Kaplan. Go to site for more information. Submit your questions by Sunday the 13th.
  • World Series of Video Games concluded its WOW and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne tournaments in Wuhan, China. Team Pandemic from America took first place in the WOW tournament! Check out site for full tournament coverage.
  • The WOW launcher received an update on May 8th. It checks automatically to see if you need a newer version without having to log in. Worked great!
  • Report in game gold spammers when it happens, Blizzard prefers you submit as soon as possible.

Our Happenings:
  • Ravynn hit 61 and was able to do most of the quests in Hellfire Pennisula!
  • Xena dropped Blacksmithing to become a Jewelcrafter. After getting tired of farming, spent around 400 gold to get to 354/375.
  • Xena hit 68!
  • Elly found the Elemental Plateau. A flying mount is required and is above the Throne of Elements in Nagrand.

Special Guest Alachia from Wowcast podcast.

Sal and I are big fans of Wowcast, Alachia's podcast. If you have not heard it - we recommend subscribing. Read about her adventures on her blog at You can also visit her website.


Anonymous said...

Another awesome show, you two remain totally entertaining and fun to listen to.

One thing I really enjoy is your class diversity. Between just the two of you, you play a warrior, hunter, priest and druid, so there's lots of different class talk, which I enjoy (as an altaholic myself). i would love nerdy pally talk, but that's just me being greedy.

Anyway, again, wonderful show, you guys are instant listens as soon as the show downloads.

50 Night Elf Hunter

Anonymous said...

Hello! Aiggan from Arygos here (Dwarf lvl 70 warrior) ...

On the WoW Visa. The Terms & Conditions seem the same as many of the other credit cards out there. "Qualifying Purchases" generally means, any purchase aside from cash back and it subtracts credits so if you buy something and then return it "does not apply".

That being said, the WoW card is basically a "cash back" card with the restriction that you can only spend your points at Blizzard for WoW game time. You get 1% back. So if you are paying month to month ($15/month) and you spent $1500 per month you would get enough points to get WoW for free.

Not too bad as that would be the same as a "cash back" card like Discover with the issue that if you stopped playing WoW your points would be useless. For someone like me that spends all my cash flow via credit card for points it was nice to see that there was NO limit to the amount of points you could accrue. However it seems like you can only tie the points to one account so if I had more than 1500 points per month they would be wasted. Thus is you consistently spent $1500 or more on your credit cards you would want to switch to another card to max out your points benefits.

I was however surprised to see nice low rates for this card. A lot of times these corporate sponsorships have really high rates that many people don't notice until they carry over a balance or have a late payment. The nice designs are also a plus.

The eaxct terms are here:

World of Warcraft® Rewards TERMS AND CONDITIONS: In order for you to receive and redeem reward points, your credit card account must be in good standing. Rewards will be accumulated as points on your billing statement. You will earn one point for each one dollar in Qualifying Credit Card Transactions posted to your Account. "Qualifying Credit Card Transactions" means authorized new purchases posted to your Account, net of refunds, credits (for returned merchandise or otherwise) and disputed billing items (alternatively, points may be deducted for awards based on purchases that are subsequently subject to a refund, credit or dispute). "Qualifying Credit Card Transactions" do not include: (a) annual fees, finance charges and other fees or charges posted to your Account; (b) cash advances or special check transactions; (c) balance transfers (including, but not limited to, balance transfers treated as purchases); (d) charges for other products, services or benefits that we provide (such as credit insurance premiums); or (e) other transactions that we determine not to be eligible for Qualifying Credit Card Transactions treatment. Points are not made until they show on your billing statement, and we reserve the right to retroactively correct errors made in awarding points. Points are only redeemable as follows: 1,500 points redeemable for one month of online game time at Points will expire on or after the fifth anniversary of when they were awarded. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. is solely responsible for honoring the one month of online game time described above and may impose additional conditions, restrictions and limitations on redemption of points. We are not responsible for Blizzard's decisions or their refusal to honor points or to otherwise participate in the World of Warcraft® Rewards Program. Additional restrictions apply. You will receive complete World of Warcraft® Terms and Conditions when you receive your Cardmember Agreement.

wowcast said...

oop! my actual blog link is

wowcast.podcast.blogspot goes off in some weird place. hehehe.

but thanks for the link!!


Elly and Sal said...

Geez, sorry Alachi. At least the link on the left of the blog is correct. Thank you for catching my mistake, I have fixed it.

Thanks again for being a great guest!! It was an honor.

shannon said...

no way. pinch me!!!

i can make credit card purchases and show off my love of WoW at the same time?!

WoW credit card FTW! ^_^