Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Steamvault and The Mechanar

Hygeia and Qiana, brothers, grouped with myself, Sal and Carl for two awesome runs tonight!!

It was tough on Steamvault;s first boss, Thespia, but once we got her down we rocked!!

Carl got his first Dungeon 3 set piece, his Breastplate of the Righteous. Sal in The Mechanar, got her first Dungeon 3 set piece, Beast Lord Helm. WOOT!!!

Xena tanked both instances, while Qiana was on his rogue and Hygeia was on his priest. It was an awesome time! Xena got a new tanking necklace and cloak and Hygeia gave her better plate gloves, WOOT!!! I don't want to go to sleep, I am still way too hyper!

Xena also got her jewelcrafting up to 365! Sal won a roll on a recipe and gave it to me, now I can cut Noble Topaz to give + Spell Crit and something else I can't remember. =)

What an awesome night! Below is our group after downing the 3rd boss in The Mechanar.

(Qiana, kneeling left front, Carl sitting, Hygeia, back row Left, Xena in the middle, and Sal w/pet)

Carl bought his epic mount just so we all could go to The Mechanar!

(Hygeia, Qiana, Sal, Xena and Carl)

This game rocks when playing with good people! Hygeia, Qiana, Sal and Carl - thank you for staying up so late and running two instances with Xena as the tank. It was my second and third time tanking an instance, so it was very challenging, rewarding, educational and best of all, FUN!

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