Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ravynn's Epic Mount and Xena hits 70!!

Ravynn now can travel in style with her epic mount!

Xena hit 70 today! Turning in a Consortium quest in Area 52!

Her next step was buying her flying mount.


Anonymous said...

Grats to both of you!

Oh, and Xena has mail. :)

- Janessriel

Elly and Sal said...

Thanks Janessriel, Xena has mail eh? I wonder what it could be. Great now I have to wait like 7 hours at work before I can get home to find out. =)

Anonymous said...

Well, in the picture she has mail. I tend to notice the mail icon before anything else, for whatever reason.

But now I feel like I should send you something. Maybe I'll make a new toon and say hello. You all need a shaman or something? ;)

- Janessriel

Sal said...

Did someone say shammie? Could always use someone to pick up that dang gear that shoul dbe for a hunter! grrrr!