Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ElunesGracePodcast #15 - Children's week and Lore


  • Make a Wish foundation allows a boy's dreams to come true. Blizzard spent the day with him and created a weapon and even put his dog into the game. For the article, checkout the WOW website.
  • Robin Hood Screenshot contest. Show some good deeds, and if you want to help Sal out, feel free to contact us! =)
  • BlizzCon 2007 website is ready for your reading. Check it out.
  • Children's Week. Sal, Ravynn, Elly and Xena helped an orphan check out some sites in Outland and the Caverns of Time.
You picked up the quest in the Lower City from this lovely Troll.

One of the places you take your orphan (right) is to Nagrand where the Constorium are to visit her brother (on the left).

After completing the sites with your orphan you are rewarded with one of three non-combat pets. Neither one of us chose the eye, so sorry, no pictures of that.

Peanut (below)

Sal and Eggbert (below). The glow around Sal is what you get when you complete the quest. It lasts an hour and says "You feel good".


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