Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #44 - It's got to be a clue

  • Thanks for all of your posts and emails regarding last week's show. All comments were much appreciated
  • BlizzCast is out - Blizzard Entertainment's own podcast. Check it out if you have not heard it yet.
  • Blizzard taking immediate action again battleground AFK'ers! WOOT Blizzard!! Corrective action will be taken only when a violation has been confirmed.



Mowat said...

Great show as always.
I especially enjoyed ellys QQ corner :-p

Just wanted to mention that I'm very proud to represent this guild and that it's one of the best I've been in regardless of what game I've played.

Can't wait for kara tonight :)

Your trapbot,

Mowat said...

Hopefully they'll have the next blizzcon in the North East so I can go!

Kikanialei said...

Hiya =)

Yay!! Lore segement!!

Enjoyed your show as always.

Y'all certainly make my somewhat boring work day oh so much better. I agree with what Mowat said about being in the guild. Though I havent gotten the chance to show off my truely terrible WoWing skills to everyone in the guild as of yet, everyone has been so nice and helpful, and very welcoming.

Although I might be biased here, coz I love the cast and the guild, but Elly you are the bestest guild leader! Don't let anyone tell, or make you feel otherwise!

Kiki <---gosh now you even have me callig myself that in a public place..sigh ;)

Elly said...

Thanks Mowat (Mo Mo or should I say Muuwaaaa) and Kiki. You guys make the guild what it is, it is not just me, but Sal. LOL - It is all the people in the guild that make the guild so great! I am very happy to hear that you enjoy it and have fun even when I get a bit cranky and yell - do not pull aggro. =)

Thanks for being so awesome you two!

Xtian said...

Hi all! (This is Auroro!)

I'm so happy to have joined the guild, even if I haven't had a chance to play with you guys yet! :) Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly - which was great to come in to!

Sadly my schedule as of late has been so hectic, so I haven't been able to play as much as I would like, but the podcast definitely brought a smile to my face! :)