Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #46 - Shammie Time



  • Change your WOW password more often
  • When downloading mods, do not download an .exe file as it could contain a key logger.
  • Have a firewall or at least virus protection on your computer.
  • At the login screen, check the box to remember your account name so you are only entering your password everytime you log in.
  • Do NOT buy gold. If you do, you support stealing and account hacking.

Shaman interview with Cuax

  • He suggests leveling as enhancement
  • Suggests looking for mp5 gear for mana regen during casting
  • Some totems are situational while others are staples to any fight
  • Try one, but realize it could feel slow until level 40
  • Cuax and Sal also share their experience as warlocks



Nilum said...

You did a warlock show without me?!


Elly said...

Hiya Naelum! Did you miss episode 31? That was our warlock interview with Bomb.

Hope you are having fun overseas and you are learning lots!!

Nilum said...

I heard 31, that was a while ago.
ps. Doing great in Japan. I'll hop on vent again one of these days.

Grimzley said...

Oh no, Cuax! I fear you may have unleashed the voices of a million nerds, suddenly crying out...

The Kessel Run is slightly different than what you described. (look about 1/2 way down the page, under "Depiction")


OMG, I am a huge dork for actually knowing this. I'm so ashamed... :)

Cuaxolotl said...

Oh the humanity! And I don't even have a Nerd Resist Totem....

I liked the sirens going off outside my apartment in the interview, maybe it will afford me some street cred.

Sal said...

OK - what's worse, correcting Cuax regarding the kessel run, or siting the Wikipedia entry with the correct info? One of the many questions of the universe that may never be answered...

Grimzley said...

Oh they're equally horrifying. I don't know what to say other than I'm deeply embarrassed by this outbreak of geekery.

My deepest and most humble apologies to Cuax, his friends, loved ones, you, Elly, and the entire Webbernet for this regrettable incident...