Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #45 - Trade up or Swap?

  • WOW now has 10 million subscribers!! Gratz Blizzard!!
  • Happy 1 Year Anniversay The Burning Crusade!
  • Patch 2.4 - Two new instances, Sunwell Plateau - 25-man raid and Magister's Terrace - 5-man instance. Sunwell Isle will grow and grow as more dailies are done. Bosses will open and more dailies will be opened, it is an Alliance and Horde effort!!
  • The daily quest limit will increase from 10 per day to 25 per day.
  • Item Rack like feature in the UI along with deadly boss like warnings along with a threat meter.
  • 214,748 gold 36 silver and 46 copper - the money cap in WOW. Gratz to German player Tyram

Guild Note: Congratz Carl on getting your Tier 4 Leggings (Justicar Leggings) in Gruul's Lair last night!!



Grimzley said...

OOoooh, great info about the new patch. I hadn't heard most of that stuff before. I'm very excited for it now. Great job!


Elly said...

Thanks Grim, I forgot to state that what was mentioned could change prior to the patch going live, so I am saying it now. LOL

Anonymous said...

We had the elementals stuck in the wall as well but we ended up tanking the Curator right up the other end and that seemed to work.

blackcat said...

You were talking about buffs etc. I use nealy all Ace2 mods. My buff bars are ElkBuffBars which I always have showing and for my target I have their buffs over their character using pitbull plus a countdown timer with quartz.
Pitbull takes a bit of fiddling with but is good once you have it set up.
Anyway here is a link from a recent screenshot

Elly said...

Hello Anonymous, we tried that, but that is when we would enter combat, leave combat, enter combat, etc. All of the dots on the Curator went away. I think if we were not so frustrated with it, would would have tried again, but yeah we tried to fight him at the other end of the hallway.

Thanks Blackcat for the mod information. I may stop using X-Perl and try something different for raids, I'm thinking too that I might get Titan Panel again, I have not used that for a long time.

Xtian said...

Hey guys, its Auroro! I'm sorry I haven't been online much but the new patch totally messed my game somehow!! :( I had to completely reinstall WoW to get it to work... and now I'm super busy with work. ;_;
I need a vacation where all I do is play WoW all day long...

BUT, listening to the 'cast was once again the highlight of my day~ :)

Nilum said...

Hey Elly. Give my gratz to Carl on his T4 legs.


Nilum said...

p.s. Gratz to Carl on having all but 2 purples. Tell him to get rid of that green trinket lol. Even I don't have any greens anymore :)


thesmisker said...

Hi girls, longtime listener, first time writer.

I have been enjoying your podcast for quite some time now and I must say that I look forward to every episode.

WoW is a game, played by people and you add so much of "people" to that game :)

I enjoy (disturbing and irritating when I started listening lol) your cheerful banter and all the laugh and giggles you two share.

You both seem to be very deep into the game and I have a question if you don't mind.

Do you have family?
I would love to hear some about how you combine life with hard-core WoW'ing, adding more "people" to wow.

Kind regards, BladedThesis, residing in Sweden.