Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #46 - Shammie Time



  • Change your WOW password more often
  • When downloading mods, do not download an .exe file as it could contain a key logger.
  • Have a firewall or at least virus protection on your computer.
  • At the login screen, check the box to remember your account name so you are only entering your password everytime you log in.
  • Do NOT buy gold. If you do, you support stealing and account hacking.

Shaman interview with Cuax

  • He suggests leveling as enhancement
  • Suggests looking for mp5 gear for mana regen during casting
  • Some totems are situational while others are staples to any fight
  • Try one, but realize it could feel slow until level 40
  • Cuax and Sal also share their experience as warlocks


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #45 - Trade up or Swap?

  • WOW now has 10 million subscribers!! Gratz Blizzard!!
  • Happy 1 Year Anniversay The Burning Crusade!
  • Patch 2.4 - Two new instances, Sunwell Plateau - 25-man raid and Magister's Terrace - 5-man instance. Sunwell Isle will grow and grow as more dailies are done. Bosses will open and more dailies will be opened, it is an Alliance and Horde effort!!
  • The daily quest limit will increase from 10 per day to 25 per day.
  • Item Rack like feature in the UI along with deadly boss like warnings along with a threat meter.
  • 214,748 gold 36 silver and 46 copper - the money cap in WOW. Gratz to German player Tyram

Guild Note: Congratz Carl on getting your Tier 4 Leggings (Justicar Leggings) in Gruul's Lair last night!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #44 - It's got to be a clue

  • Thanks for all of your posts and emails regarding last week's show. All comments were much appreciated
  • BlizzCast is out - Blizzard Entertainment's own podcast. Check it out if you have not heard it yet.
  • Blizzard taking immediate action again battleground AFK'ers! WOOT Blizzard!! Corrective action will be taken only when a violation has been confirmed.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ElunesGracePodcast #43 - Full Kara Clear!


  • Patch 2.3.2 is out, check WOW for the patch notes.

The following are screenshots from our Kara Clear, thank you Guild and Guests for an awesome run!!

Maiden (forgot screenshot on previous runs)

The Shade of Aran (yeah his body was gone when I remembered to take the shot)

The Prince is dead on our 2nd attempt - woot!


Our awesome healers for the clear: Carlandes, Cor and Naelum

Group shot after downing Nightbane. Notice Amalody on the left with his bow

off the Prince!

Netherspite downed on the first attempt. Very cool room.

With Kara cleared, Leah went to take some shots for fun:

Leah laying in Medivh's bed

Medivh's cambers

Slow fall FTW!

More to come on the guild story...